Monday, April 25, 2011

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In my perfect world, this could be my uniform. From Max Mara
Let's see, where did I leave us the last time we were together. No, not with the frogs, but the day before when I said I wanted to discuss the super flow-y linen tunic. It is sold in the boutique owned by the woman wearing it. I inquired about one in black. She said, "Why would you want black?"

I said, "You don't have time."

She said (I'm translating, but literally), "Are you crazy or what?

I said, "Probably."

She said, "Beige is very flattering on blondes. It's spring, almost summer. Black is triste.

I said, "I'm sure you're right. Do you think if I were to buy it I could dye it black without it shrinking?

She said, "Absolutely."

Oui ou non

That's settled. But, black is not the only reason I'm hesitating. I think maybe it's too flow-y if you see what I mean. I'm all for camouflage, but sometimes it has the reverse effect. People look more closely to see what you're trying to camouflage.

I found one somewhat similar at Monoprix in khaki -- closer to black than beige -- for a fraction of the price which means I could afford the Monoprix version plus two shots of filler in my naso-labials -- one on each side. It's a tough call.

Next Up, 10 Euro Espadrilles

When I first saw them I had two thoughts: "Tres cute" and "where did you get them?"

The young woman wearing them with her red toes peeking out, said in the marche in Dreux, so that's a no go. But I'll check out other marches and get back to you.

She said they are comfortable and she doesn't expect more than one summer out of them.

French Elle Arrived

Please carefully examine the Chanel jacket. Moths!

I quickly glanced at the cover and learned Blake Lively is "conquering the planet" wearing jeans, a white Marcel and a Chanel jacket.

That combo has been going on for years now and I think it's great. Then, I took a second look and realized the jacket is full of holes (!). It appears to have been eaten. You be the judge.

It's sort of creepy.

Another Approach to Camouflage: Trompe L'Oeil

Long and tall and lean and lovely. (Can you hear the music?)

The famous vertical stripe.  Petite robe above is from Petit Bateau. If one is worried about her arms, a light cotton cardigan. In navy blue of course.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I also love tunics! But if they are too flowy and oversized then one also looks oversized!! I think you were smart to leave that one behind!! I agree the shoes are really cute!!
Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I think the tunic is too flowy and can look like you are pregnant. I'm not loving the striped one either. Oh dear I sound so negative but I think you can do better.

A question for Cherie if she would be so kind. Ines said in her book not to wear leggins. What is Cheries thoughts on women of a certain age wearing leggins under skirts or tunics?

Francine Gardner said...

Love the Petit Bateau dress. We have a Petit bateau store in Agen (my cousin being the shop owner) and I will make sure to pick up this dress during my visit next month.I have every colored Tee, cardigan even their cotton pants. in the summer I live in petit bateau

LuxeBytes said...

I saw that deconstructed Chanel jacket in an ad in one of the spring magazines and hated it. It looks motheaten. Oh, to have so much money that you can afford a Chanel that looks like it came out of an attic trunk from Mademoiselle's day!


Northmoon said...

I too am not so taken with the flowy tunic. Perhaps if it was a wee bit shorter and less voluminous? But there are so many other options such as white linen shirts.

Not even going to mention holey jackets, good grief!

Looking forward to Cherie's thoughts about leggings under dresses for women of a certain age.

Deja Pseu said...

What I've found with wearing "flowy" clothing is that it works better a) if the fabric itself drapes well, like a lightweight jersey or b) fabric is cut on the bias. Otherwise (pour moi meme, anyway) otherwise looks like I'm wearing a tent. The one she's wearing is probably comfortable as all heck during hot weather.

Not liking the holes in the Chanel jacket either.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...


Oh too bad about the beige versus black...

I do applaud the jeans white tee and Chanel jacket but forget the holes...they are pushing the envelope too far.

You are wise to steer clear of the tunic.
I have a tendency to try and hide my curves...and I might be doing myself an injustice with tunics and leggings...
Oh please give us some thinner options for us curvy gals!

Now I see by a commenter that Ines says that leggings are a non non...


Jeanne said...

Great suggestions Tish. I am having blazer love at the moment with a khaki linen twill number at Joseph's. I have to decide if I love it enough to spend that much money! Even so, I am thinking a few light ones, cropped a bit at the waist might be a nice solution to hiding those arms you refer too. A light scarf...possibly silk to accent?? All sorts of ideas are spinning around the concept.

I just recieved Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange. Have you read it yet? A few good ideas...lots to think about but I think it would help more if I had the same figure and youthful appearance too!

Best wishes Tish for a lovely week!!

Jeanne xx

Marieanne said...

The holes in the jacket are dreadful. The flowy dress I would skip wearing in public, given my height, age, and bustline. I would wear it lolling around the house, however.

Shots in the naso-labial folds?! You are brave, madame.

AC Quigley said...

The espadrilles look very interesting. There are so many cool things to be found on French markets that can't be found on markets elsewhere!

AC Quigley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Argentée (Oh Jolie Laide) said...

I think black is always in season (though I admit I don't know how to dress myself). Flowy doesn't work for my body at all, but some bodies pull it off gorgeously.

Of all of it, I love the shoes.

one piece roronoa zoro said...

i do like your black long dress suit


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Robin said...

Is that you? It is three to four inches too long on the lady wearing it. Shorten it, and it would be fine.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dearest Tish, love the espadrilles and the stripy number but the tunic I think would make me look nine months pregnant. Beige although very chic makes me look like death without a tan, it's black every time xx

Kathy said...

Non, to the tunic and the espadrilles!

Blake looks lovely, even with holes in her jacket.

The petite robe from Petite Bateau is too shapeless. but I do like the navy and white stripes.

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