Saturday, April 23, 2011

On The Country Streets

Proof that although the jumpsuit, or combination as the French say, may be one of the most unflattering pieces of clothing ever created, there is always an exception to the norm. Exception pictured above. (On Monday I'll tell you about her 10 Euro espadrilles.)
A white linen shirt.
You can run, but you can't hide. (Cristel will kill me for this picture. ) Isn't she cute?
My-Reason-For-Living-In-France and I were examining and discussing the merits of sardines in olive oil, with or without bones, maquereau au Muscadet or with citron when I looked up and saw the beautiful woman above. She was concentrating on cans of tuna and sardines at the time. Of course, I whipped out my card and my patter and she graciously agreed to the photo. We discussed backgrounds in the supermarket and she suggested we adjourn to her favorite area, chocolate. Note the Converse shoes, "bought in New York," she said.
Shortly thereafter, MRFLIF slipped over to the chocolate department and put a Lindt mousse au chocolat bar in our cart. I'm almost positive it's not on the Dr. Dukan diet.
Another white shirt.
On Monday I would like to discuss the above flow-y linen tunic with you. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist in black.
Next time, I'll see if I can get even farther away from my subject. That way you can try to guess what she's wearing. . .

Pictures from friendly territory. People in the village probably think I'm crazy, but at least they don't say so and they walk the walk. As you can see from the clothes and the smiles the weather continues to be Juin-like rather than Avril.

Typically French, many are saying "we'll pay for this later." In France, I've discovered, anything surprisingly good is supposed to have a penalty at the end of the experience. Payback. I can never figure out whether it's a karma thing, fear of optimism, outright pessimism or an intelligent observation on life in general.

Whatever it is, I take joy where I find it and don't ask questions.

I hope you're having a joy-filled, sun-drenched weekend.

A demain for the weekly round-up.


anita said...

Do we get to see your new haircut?! ;)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

A friend of mine in Europe told me that European women wear dresses everywhere, unlike American women. In your photos, I see jeans, jeans, and jeans just like American women!!
I love white shirts and must be a universal love!!

Deja Pseu said...

Love seeing all of the jeans. Rolling the hems, definitely a "thing."

Looking forward to hearing about the espadrilles and the linen tunic!

(All of the flukey weather is making my packing planning a bit capricious!)

Duchesse said...

A white shirt (or spring pale) and jeans always looks fresh! Not on board with jumpsuits, despite her loveliness.

Yes, let us see your bangs!

Shelley said...

You do know that it's fairly easy to crop photos, thus bringing you closer to your subject 'in the lab' as it were?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh you've got some great shots Tish!
Oh I Love white shirts and a linen one for warmer weather must be on my to buy list...
The Converse sneakers manage to look so much better than regular trainers don't they?
Happy Easter to you and your reason for living in France.


quintessence said...

Cristel and I have the same "around town" outfit but I usually include a light sweater or jacket unless it is sweltering! So envious of your warm weather. Cold and pouring here!!

Marisa said...

Tish now seriously, Paris!! Definitely following your blog.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

All fun looks, love the girl in the supermarket with her sunglasss on....... Looks like you are meeting some fun people!!!!!Maryanne xo Happy Easter Letitia!

ida said...

In my village the 'flowy' shirt is worn in all different hues & shapes/sizes.

My outfit was the same as the woman in the 2nd photo in place of jeans I wore beige linen pants & flatties.

Sorry all you jean lovers I have decided they are too much of a good thing!! Ida

Looking Fab in your forties said...

You can't beat a white t-shirt, jeans and belt, my favourite look!

a Broad said...

Taking Joy where you find it is a beautiful perfect way to live !!
besitos !

I think my "uniform" this past week has been various white tops with jeans and red ballet flats. The weather is just now slipping into cool fall weather and I am not quite ready for boots !

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