Saturday, May 21, 2011

Country Life -- Back On-the-Street

Note the coordination: lilac T-shirt, lilac pearls, lilac Converse sneakers.

Dashed out yesterday to buy some bread (and butter -- sea salt butter in fact) and pick-up the weekly press. The weekly press is fascinating at the moment as you can imagine with the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair.

As I said, in this space I have no opinions on any subjects other than clothes and beauty and nonsense, but I can't stop my fingers from typing one comment I heard on the news last night. A French lawyer, who is also licensed to practice in New York, remarked in an interview that "Americans do not appreciate lies in a court of law." Imagine that?

Back on subject: While I was out and about, I decided to take advantage of a few photo ops.

Beyond gorgeous today. Have a lovely weekend.

A demain.


California Girl said...

Hello Tish: from your POV re fashion trends, do you think they begin in Europe or more specifically France? If not, where? I'm not speaking of the big shows with the wild designs but rather trends people stick with for a while, e.g. ballet shoes, lightweight scarves around the neck, shirts hanging below jackets.

Villette said...

Tish, the lilac Converse sneakers make my heart do a little jump. A few weeks ago you showed another very stylish 'décontracté' woman wearing Convers. I haven 't dared to get any, so far -- I thought they should be left to the teenagers. But sometimes I start thinking about navy-blue hightops, perhaps...I wonder if one day you would share your thoughts on Converse.

lilabraga said...

Hello Tish: really missed visiting your fab. blog!!
somehow I can never see your latest posts...blogger is playing up big time lately!
hugs from Dubai

Yonks said...

Great shots today! There's no smoke without fire - throw a bucket of water over that man!

Karena said...

Hi Tish I love the last with her in a casual skirt. I am wearing more and more skirts this season so easy to slip on with a tee and cardi!

Art by Karena

Tracy said...

in the list that defines your self proclaimed domain, you forgot a wicked wit.

one does have to fall deeply in love with the French appreciation of perfect reduction.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The thought of sea salt butter has me wishing for a french baguette, some butter and Bonne Maman apricot spread!

There's a light and airy feel to these outfits.
Our season is stalled here so we are still wearing layers...hence I am living vicariously though these summery images.

Enjoy your weekend!

Shari said...

I'm loving those lilac Converse (and I'm not usually a fan of purple or sneakers). It's a very cleverly coordinated outfit.

Two more weeks and I can enjoy your fair weather, as well (which actually seems better than our volatile California Spring this year).

Elizabeth said...

I don't know what is so special about these pictures. I see women dressed like this every day here in Montgomery, Alabama - casual chic. Maybe I should start a blog about the fashion sense of women here!

Catherine Robinson said...

Love the lilac look...your blog is great...I really like
'What's Age Got To Do With It'...I'm definitely in your world! I'm a new follower!

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