Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News & Views, This & That

Going all the way with color-blocking.
Yes! Another somewhat organized pot pourri of observations and whatnot. "News & Views" gives the impression I have a grand plan, but we know otherwise. It's definitely more a "Go With The Flow" arrangement.

In today's headlines. . .

Au Revoir Mon Amie
Judy is no doubt stepping onto her plane, about to wing her way back to Detroit at this very moment, and in her bag is a marinière from Petit Bateau. I did my best to try to convince her to buy a few Marcel T-shirts from Monoprix, pointing out how versatile they are and she would never regret the purchases as long as she lives, but she refused.

In another "let me offer my expert fashion advice" moment I suggested she add the sweet navy and white striped dress from Petit Bateau to her wardrobe. To shut me up, she tried it on. I raved. She declined. She wears a child's size 14(!) and she looked so cute in the dress. If she has remorse she has only herself to blame.

A Touch of Color

Belts from Vicomte A.
Oooh, adorable, non? From Alexandra Margnat.

Thomas Sabo.

Ice Watch.
Toy Watch.
A color I often see on the streets of Paris. Ballerines by Paul & Joe.
How about having a little fun without going all the way?

Never mind the full commitment of major color blocking which can become tiresome though amusing as a fling.

These accessories boost the morale without the guilt.

No, I Will Not Talk About The Subject

Every newspaper, magazine, television and radio station in democracies has editorial policies and "mission statements" which form the foundation of whatever ethics the organizations may or may not have depending upon one's opinion.

My editorial policy/mission in this space is to at all times try to inform and amuse. I'm using the "inform" part lightly, because it's not as if anything life-changing happens chez moi.

The second amendment in my directive is to never, ever, ever talk about politics. (Sex is pretty much off the table as well.)

As I was saying, politics. You have no idea how much I would like to reflect not only on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, but also even more about the comments in the French media about the American judicial system.

But I won't.


Deja Pseu said...

I'll pass on the color-blocking trend this time, but I'll admit I've been tempted by those colorful watches...not so much a huge investment.

Wish I could fit into Petit Bateau!

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Letitia, I also will not speak politics other than at home or with people who will not turn it into a fight. I have been going crazy listening to some comments on both sides of the Atlantic about the latest news... so, "motus et bouche cousue"...
oh, and, I love a touch of bright color,: shoes (bright yellow sandals), scarves (Cardinal purple) even a red raincoat(!) if I did not "go for it" once in a while I would be in white, grey, beige and black all the time...

LuxeBytes said...

That Petit Bateau dress is so adorable! How could teeny tiny little Judy say "non"? It sounds like it was perfect for her.

Ah well.

I hate having those regrets.


Northmoon said...

Those shoes, the colour is so beautiful.

I'm shopping for my first pair of Repettos, and can't decide between the ever useful black, a purple patent leather for more colour and a straw colour fabric which the sales woman says is perfect for summer.

Wish you were here to give me advice, I'd take it!!

*Chic Provence* said...

I am certain the French are appalled at our media coverage inside the courts, etc...non?

Love the stripes of the T... and if I could pull off wearing that little dress..I woud probably live in it all summer long!

xoxo Kit

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Love the Petite Bateau,shirt, and the purple ballerines......I think you are wise to stay out of the policical ring on this one. I just hope it doesn't pit the French against the Americans.....I hate that.Maryannexo

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Friends and politics are never a good mix.

I had a purple pair of shoes years ago...I actually wore them out! These flats would be so great with so many things!

I would love to have anything from Petit Bateau...
my grandaughter, was given a few dresses and tops when she was born and they are so lovely!

Hope that you are not too sad saying goodbye to your BFF

California Girl said...

I love politics and sex! American men were leading the way on both fronts til the IMF head and "Arnold" (he is Austrian after all) made headlines yesterday. Who can ignore Berlusconi or Sarkozy?

Color is sassy. Politics and sex are spicy.

tiffany rose said...

Can you shop for me, please? I wear a child's 14 too and would like that dress and the t-shirts you recommended. And yes on the purple ballerines. Thank you.

ida said...

Will leave those 'bling' watches to the footballers wives!! and stick with my cartier.

My dash of colour is via a scarf.Ida

Mary said...

AAAGH....Just this morning I heard about why Maria left Arnold... 10 years under her own roof. Disgusting. What's next?

I finally relented and just purchased a pretty pink rubber watch with bling around the dial. It will be fun to wear - shopping? pétanque? french class? I won't be wearing it "out" - it will just be fore F U N.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a white watch such as the Toy but worried that it will show dirt and be difficult to clean. Anyone have any experience with white watches such as these?

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of the word Marsel? Tank top style, stripe print or a fabric content? Thank you.

Lilacs In May said...

Love PB t-shirts, great for us with long bodies.
DSK, ...bodies - forget I said it...

Karena said...

Tish fabulous images I love color blocking, it shows up in my art all of the time! Rothkoesque!

Art by Karena

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