Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frivolous, Fun, Fashion. . .

I know, impossible to read, but all you need to do is count the list on the left and you'll have an idea of the number of public holidays in France. (Remember to add-in the five weeks of vacation. Viva la France!)

Today is a holiday in France which involves what the French love almost more than anything in life, a pont, or a "bridge." Last night families piled into their cars causing interminable hours of traffic jams as they prepared to, as the expression goes, faire le pont.

Some years are better than others when constructing the bridge which in this case creates a four-day mini vacation. When a fete falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday for example, that equals two days tacked on to Saturday and Sunday. And we think we're lucky when the calendar gives us a holiday on a Friday or a Monday.

You see, yet another reason to love France. Not that the pont applies to me or anything, my life is one long bridge and I'm not quite sure what's on the other side. However, I see no reason not to celebrate whatever it is I'm supposed to be celebrating.

Let's take a virtual shopping trip, shall we? (The stores are closed, so even if you were here it wouldn't change the premise.) And, we're off. . .

No matter what is sold in the painfully trendy boutique, Colette, whether it's water, a Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear or right-this-second Mono bracelets, one is on the must have before anyone else in the world trend message. Colette makes cutting edge look passé.

The latest and greatest in the boutique -- now(!) -- is unique not only because, well, because Colette says so, but also because the bracelets cost a mere 8 Euros.

Let me explain: If you remember the ribbon "bracelets" from Brazil several years ago where you tied three knots and made a wish as you tied each one, these are similar (but different). With the make-a-wish versions, which I was given by my French banker if you can believe it (another story for another time), you wore them until they fell off -- disintegrated actually -- and then your wishes came true.

Mine did btw.

The Mono's are made of colored string, artfully pre-knotted which you tie around your wrist. Each color offers a promise to its wearer.

Red: passion, sensitivity, love.
Blue: harmony, friendship, devotion.
Green: hope, balance, youth.
Yellow: joy, creativity, richesse.
Rose: kindness, sensitivity, pleasure.
Orange: pleasure (particularly sensuous pleasure), happiness.
White: innocence, harmony, serenity.
Black: noblesse, fidelity, seriousness.
Violet: tranquility, dignity, confidence.
Gray: modernity, innovation.
It seems to me a tete de mort negates the positive vibes.
It's a good thing they're not expensive because, I don't know about you, but I need lots of them.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I want you to know that I did my research on Monoprix...I did not realize it was a grocery store!! I loved reading about it and discovering that you are not the only one to sing its praises...maybe someday I will visit one myself!!

Shari said...

Well, I could certainly use green and white Mono bracelets right now. I might just have to wander into Colette sometime next week. Youth, balance, harmony, serenity. Those are things I'm willing to buy (beg, borrow or steal).

James said...

To celebrate what ever you're supposed to celebrate is great advice.

BigLittleWolf said...

Delightful post! (Might we go for many of those bracelets, depending upon the sky, the mood, or jour ferié ou non?

I'd go for the red everytime. I'm certain of it.

Though I ought to know better - and go for something more pacifying.

Anonymous said...

So they have re-branded a chaplet and selling it as a wish bracelet?

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