Friday, July 15, 2011

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Almost makes me want to compromise my "no messages" rule.
As you know, one of my most fervent interdictions is messages on T-shirts after age 40. I really believe after age 20-something unless you're wearing a T-shirt from your college for some specific reason like washing the car or supporting a sports event where your school is on one side of the field, or the court or whatever for example.

T-Shirts' Rules

Somehow I imagine you thought you would never see such an aberration in this space.

As I was saying, this week's Elle pointed out that if a woman -- heaven forbid -- wears a T-shirt that says HELLO! make sure it isn't followed by "Kitty." Make sure it doesn't even say "Hello!" Remember, mother always said not to speak to strangers and having "hello" emblazoned across one's chest seems rather forward to me.

If you feel like talking to someone, just say, "hello."

I fear I must admit I find the Little Marcel awfully cute. I still hold my ground, but it's shaking slightly.

(Maybe Little Marcel could be likened to a logo like a polo player or an alligator for example. "Little Marcel" is the logo after all.)

What do you think?

Nine, Violette and Ines at the royal wedding in Monaco.

Among the topics which have become an obsession in the European press this summer is "When will Charlene leave Albert?" Around the premise the gossip whirls about why she will, should, might, might not and every nuance thereon.

But, I am more interested in what Ines de la Fressange wore to their recent wedding. What do you think?

Note the flat sandals. Her daughters have already started accessorizing with Roger Vivier ballerines and pochettes. It's always all about the details, n'est-ce pas?

Ed. Note: Will be back to you with sourcing on my favorite fruit and flower eaus from yesterday's post.


aBroad said...

Innes can do no wrong in my eyes .... but if it were me, I would be wearing something a little less flat.

I never ever wear anything written on my clothing. . I do not wear clothing with logos on them either, I remove them before I would wear them... I am not free advertising space :)

After wondering when Charlotte will run away again, is the thought, why in the world did she do it in the first place ?

Besitos, C

une femme said...

Ah the "Little Marcel" is very cute, but still, I'll leave it to someone younger. I'm not totally against printed tees, though I don't wear any.

Boy are they (the Monacos) SO not the dream couple.

Anonymous said...

I love Ines and I'm always truly amazed by her sense of style. But this time I'm not quite convinced by such an outfit for a wedding. And for a royal wedding into addition. I think it would be more appropriate for a polo game or something like that. Is this dress black? is the hat a straw one?

The daughters are very cute though.


Anonymous said...

I also am not admiring Ines outfit. This to a Royal wedding??? Looks like she is off shopping.
Logos on clothing look so vulgar. I especially loathe logos on handbags (and I don't care if it is Chanel) I wonder about the Monaco Royals.... is it the press beating this up? If half of what they are reporting is true, I feel so sorry for Charlene.

Karena said...

No to the logos!

Ines is not dressed as well for a wedding as her daughters. For a garden party perhaps! Did she forget to pack dress shoes?

Art by Karena

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ParisGrrl said...

While I wouldn't wear those particular examples of printed Ts, I do own a few interesting graphic shirts and was at a loss how (or if) to wear them in France. Until recently, when I saw several ladies rocking graphic Ts with blazers and dressy slacks or jeans. It's a great casual/weekend look. Now I've placed my printed Ts together in my closet so I can find them quickly when I want to go for that look.

LuxeBytes said...

I think Ines is too casually dressed for a royal wedding, even one as ridiculous and cringe inducing as the farce in Monaco.

I'd wear the marcel, but only under a jacket or sweater.

xoxoxo --

Villette said...

Oh, dear. That photograph of Ines -- very disappointing. She is dressed for a summer lunch in the city. But worn at a wedding, especially such a wedding as the one in Monaco, the outfit just says 'I couldn't be bothered to make an effort.'

BigLittleWolf said...

Not a logo woman, personally...

As for the flats, when you're that tall, you can get away with it. Still, I would've preferred a little heel on Ines...

The overall effect is a tad too casual...

Shelley said...

I'm afraid the cuteness of Little Marcel doesn't overwhelm me, so I'd not even be tempted. I still have a T shirt with the brand 'It's a good life' with which I've not parted, however I don't wear it in public.

I'm sure I'm in no position to criticise a fashion maven such as Ines, but flat as a board barely there sandals seem far too casual a style to wear to a royal wedding. Not sure about the straw hat either. I'm sure she got away with it, being who she is, but I wouldn't try it - not that I'm in any danger of course of attending a royal anything.

knitpurl said...

And they all wore flats - I'm guessing it was hot, hot, hot in Monaco for that very unusual wedding pairing. And what is that under Ines' arms? Fabric? Clutch? Looks wierd.
PS-August issue Conde Nast Traveler has "Paris, Secrets of the Seine" article - fun for those of us who've never been there! xoxo C.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Ines has a clutch. Now I'm sure you're right - it is a trend.

I agree with the others. Seems like an unusual (read strange) outfit for a royal wedding and her daughters are much more appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Jean S said...

No go on logos.

And re: Ines' outfit, I'm going to have to quote John Mcenroe: "You canNOT be serious!"

Wildernesschic said...

No to logos for me.. I own one charity one which is a Rock and Roll guitar which I love the cut of.. and as for the wedding outfits .. I am not a great lover of flats xx

The Fashionable Traveler said...

Your post reminds me of a line in "Texasville" written by one of my favorite authors and fellow Texan, Larry McMurtry. For me, It was one of the most memorable parts of the movie version. Jeff Bridges played the main character and Annie pots was his estranged wife.

Annie says, "I'm going to Dallas to spend a few thou."

Jeff replies, "Good! You haven't worn something that I haven't had to read in 20 years."

Enjoy your weekend.


That's Not My Age said...

Ines rules - maybe she can help Charlene plan an escape route?

Beyond a certain age it's best to ditch the logo t-shirts. Would Ines wear one? Non!

Katherine said...

Ines - too casual. Bare shoulders & arms at a formal occasion seems disrespectful. She looks as though she is going to meet a friend for a casual lunch.

Logos on anything - no, no, no. As for slogans - heaven forfend!

Robin said...

Nine looks much more appropriate then Ines. I also can't approve of the girls wearing such expensive bags and shoes, even if their mother is the face of the brand. It just seems a bit vulgar to me.

I also am amazed Ines actually wore something I would criticize!

Anonymous said...

Love Nine's dress! Having never been to a royal wedding, particularly not one in Monaco, I have no idea what is appropriate. Many on the Sartorialist commented on her straw hat, but the photos in French magazines that I saw showed many women in straw hats, even Princesses Caroline and Stephanie. So that can't be all that inappropriate. I also saw one other woman in the photos in flat silver sandals. I don't care if she wears flat shoes or not. She's mentioned that people complain if she wears any heels as she's so tall. You can't please everyone. That said, the dress isn't as flattering on her as her usual clothes. Ruffles are not her best look.

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