Sunday, July 24, 2011

Next Week or La Semaine Prochaine

Two facets to the week ahead -- the public and the private. Since I share almost everything with you, I'll tell you about the private as well.

First, the public OR what's on the calendar for the week ahead:

News & Views

Cherie -- I will insist that she properly answers all of your questions (do send more if you feel so inclined) rather than blah-ing on about the fact she was invited to the wedding in Monaco and I was not. Who cares? I was busy that weekend anyway dead-heading my roses.

Surprises !

On-the-Street -- assuming the weather permits. I was in Paris on Friday and had intended to take some pictures, but the rains came.

More Surprises !!

Second, the private (until now) plans for the days ahead:

No, how can 5 million French people be wrong?  Right?

1.) Re-visiting Dr. Dukan.

2.) Returning to the pool and aqua gym classes.

3.) Weeding the potager (Ha!)

4.) Pedicure.

5.) Hit les soldes for the very last time -- just in case.

I know, I know on all levels my life is soooo fascinating. Even I can't believe it. . .


Anonymous said...

Dear Tish,
I had not heard of Dr Dukan until you mentioned him spring '10. I gave it a try and a year later am back to the weight of my 20s. Thank you, thank you. It wasn't hard just a tad boring. To say you have given me back my life is not too extreme. Of course you'll be successful. Grateful anonymous.

Karena said...

Hmmm Tish I may have to check out Dr Dukan!! I have slowly put on 5 lbs a year in the last 5 yrs!

I think your life IS Fascinating!


Art by Karena

Last day to win a lovely painting by Mary Maxam!

Francine Gardner said...

Dear Tish...of all people you should know Monaco is very over rated, much more chic to be weeding the potager instead. My week end was filled with flowers and preparation for my assistant (see estera is getting married post) wedding. The behind the scenes post to follow...ready to collapse with a book while floating on the pool

ida said...

Dr Dukan is a favourite of the Middleton clan...remember "The Wedding" they say that is why Catherine is still so thin.

So looking forward to your take on him.Ida

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