Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Weekend Word

I hope you have la pêche this weekend.

Today, let's take a look at the word frite or in its plural form, frites. Most of you probably know we're talking about French fries.

The classic when you can't think of what to order and you just arrived in France and cannot speak a word of the language beyond the bonjours and mercis, one tends to order lots of "steak frites" svp.

However, as is so very, very French (I suppose it's not uniquely French, but these are the areas where I'm constantly tripped-up) the word has other meanings.

One can have lots of pep and energy and the French say he or she has "la frite." To check my vocabulary since some of you may have noticed I misspelled râler for an hour or two yesterday. . . I asked my Reason-For-Living-In-France if I understood the concept.

"Yes," said he, "but it is much more attractive to say he or she has la pêche. Try to use that instead," he advised.

"OK," I replied with a smile. OK is great, since it translates in every country in the world -- probably.

More frites

Are you thinking, "Is there a point to her post or is she just wasting my time?"

Here's the point -- not necessarily quality-added, but mildly interesting: frites are also the name of those  thingies we use in aqua gym class to make the exercises more difficult. Except in the deep end.

Sometimes our instructor says, "If you know how to swim leave your frites at the side of the pool for the deep end exercises." Even if you know how to swim you could drown down there with the acrobatics she demands without the floating frites.

Weather report without transition: Summer is back.

Do have a lovely weekend.

A demain.


helen tilston said...

The joy of language and those words make us the brunt of jokes when we travel and "think" we have finally grasped the new language. Nudge, nudge, wink wink, as they say.

Thanks for the post and now I was some frites of the deep fried variety
To a great weekend

vicki archer said...

So I am hoping j'ai la peche not je suis la peche!! xv

une femme said...

How funny, we call them "noodles."

And I sometimes refer to someone as a "peach" when they've been particularly helpful.

Language is wonderful, isn't it?

Beadboard UpCountry said...

So Tish, when I come to Paris in Sept and I go to Paul Bert and order frites, am I going to get giant plastic tubes bigger than the table??!I hope they have installed une piscine...HEHE!!Maryanne xo

BigLittleWolf said...

Just chuckling. These days, my argot would be so démodé I'd probably embarrass myself if I even tried...

M-T said...

You can also say someone is a peach ("Elle est une pêche."), which means she's great.

Although, maybe that is regional. Not sure. My tante Jeanette used to say that.

legend in his own lunchtime said...

C'est la pêche.

DesFruitsRouges said...

Steak frites = absolute favorite food. And I know what you mean... only my blog titles are sometimes in French and I mix up le/la too often! Love your blog!

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