Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daytime Minimum Musts

Rinse and go.
Let's get this on the table, a confession: I never wash my face in the morning.

I rinse, often spritz with whatever mineral water I am currently using or sometimes -- when I'm feeling whimsical -- a spray of eau de rose or eau de bleuet (more on the eaux another day, they don't count in my minimum musts).

As you now know, once again thanks to my dermatologist, I am addicted, seriously addicted, to Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler cream for day. In the past I have been extremely happy with the products pictured below, below from Avène and La Roche-Posay, but the Eucerin does something I have never experienced with a cream; it makes the skin glow. You see a slight iridescence on the cheekbones and it does not have any reflective nacre bits in it.

Once a week I use the Avène gentle scrub or gommage (which means to "erase") gently rinse it off, and finish with a Clarasonic warm water polish.

I then follow the gommage with the Avène moisturizing mask. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, you can sleep in the mask from time to time if your skin is extra dry. You wake up feeling and looking beautiful. Just rinse.

For years, I have been using Talika Lipocils, a colorless gel on a mascara wand, to encourage my eyelashes to thicken and grow. They have. I realize one can ask her ophthalmologist for a prescription for glaucoma medication which produces similar results, but the Talika is probably less trouble and less expensive.

Regarding my use of Retin-A, I don't know, maybe I should be applying it before my Filorga Sleep And Peel. No matter what night cream I've used, I've always put the Retin-A on top, i.e. the last step. Next time I see Dr. Gallais, I'll ask her.

Another secret, strictly personal, once a week I leave my poor face in peace. I put nothing on it for 24 hours. We live in the country so a simple rinse/spritz suffices before bed. I change my pillowcase and let my skin breathe. I asked Dr. Gallais what she thought about my "technique," she offered a noncommital, "Pourquoi pas?" (Why not?)

When I posed the same question to estheticians I thought we would have to call in an emergency medical team. "What?!" they said. "You go to bed without moisturizing? That's crazy."

The products I used until recently. They are superb, but you don't get the Eucerin glow.
There you go. You can see my products are anything but glamorous, but they are truly the best of the best. Unfortunately the product that staves off the ravages of gravity has yet to be invented.

Off to Paris. . .


Anonymous said...

I tried the Eucerin cream. I apply it with a vitamin E oil. The results are unbelievable. I also use it on my hands. Thanks for the recommendation:) Steph USA

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I am happy with what I do, but you have me desiring the Eucerin cream. I always put Vitamin E oil around my eyes at night...and I have been very happy with the Olay ProX products. I use the Olay once a week exfolliation scrub in the shower. I also like one day of the weekend to be no make up, but it depends on how many errands must be run. I do not wash my face in the morning like you! The pillow case change is interesting!

Hana said...

Tish, I absolutely love your product recommendations. I have been using Clarins (for everything) but they are soo expensive and the results, while good, were not startling.
I would love to use the products you recommend but I am 38. I have just some fine lines, a little bit loss of elasticity, and definitely large pores. I know you are not a doctor but I was hoping for you opinion - would they be good for me or would I be trying to "shoot a fly with a canon" ? Basically - would you use the products as a prevention or just as a treatment of wrinkles?


Duchesse said...

In my experience, changes are inevitable (eventually) no matter the products or machine. The alternative-surgery-is not for me. Rather than calling the effects "ravaging" I've revised my attitude, after noticing how how our culture denigrates aging. I quite like elder faces.

Karena said...

Tish I am definitely trying the Eucerin Cream! It sounds wonderful!

Art by Karena

LuxeBytes said...

I've really got to get my mitts on that Eucerin. If you Google it, you see nothing but (ahem) glowing reports.

Tish, will your LRP sunscreen be discussed in a different post?

Any word from the East Coast yet?


kathy peck said...

I also leave my skin with nothing for about 24 hours once a week - It feels like the "right" thing to do for me, and evidently you. I've never thought about it consciously, but it's maybe it's part laziness, or maybe I feel my skin needs a breather, and will really appreciate it when the lotions and potions go on next time?
And yes, ask your dermatologist about the Retin A - I've always heard it should be the first thing that goes on. Will be curious what she says.

Wildernesschic said...

I am off to buy the Eucerin now xx.. thanks

ida said...

One thing we do have in common have always left my skin free once a week,appears fresher the next day.Ida

RanchersDaughter said...

I too am curious about your sunscreen. I love your blog by the way...

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The Eucerin cream sounds wonderful...
your regime for skin care is admirable Tish.

I don't think I could go to bed without moisturizer skin has become very dry since menopause.

What body moisturizer do you use?

SarahBeyond said...

Does anyone know where we can buy the Eucerin in the US? Amazon is now out of stock and may not be carrying it again. I've looked everywhere. Suggestions?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Curious.... Do you put mascara on over the Lipocils?

Jean S said...

As I do a lot of writing and editing in the ophthalmology field, I have to say...much better to use Talika than a glaucoma med just to boost eyelash growth! They are significant medications....

payingattention said...

Is the Eucerin too heavy for summer use? Otherwise it sounds amazing!

Martha said...

I love this blog, and am so glad the virus thing is fixed.

Question: I'm going to be in France in October. What should I stock up on in la pharmacie? I can find the Talika Lipocils and Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler cream for day on Amazon France, but not in the US. SO if I can't wait, I can at least order it there.

I love the sunscreen I get from Dr. Cynthia Bailey in Sonoma California. I've never met her, but love her blog and her products are excellent. FWIW


Tish Jett said...

I have been remiss in answering your questions in the past. Please accept my apology. I shall respond regularly -- promise -- starting today.


Start now, the younger the better. Try the Flavo-C combo with the eight percent serum solution, the cleanser is for babies, which means it's for all of us forever, the "gommage" is ageless and as for the mask you might want to experiment. The Eucerin is for all of us. The Retin-A is great if you can tolerate it and you see tiny lines appearing between your eyebrows or (unlikely) above your lips. I have never used it around my eyes.


I agree totally with you. I LOVE the lines around my eyes and my "smile" lines. Unfortunately I am having some trouble being happy about a less than taught jaw line. I think the fact that Helen Mirren has keep hers sharp is what makes her look so wonderful -- wrinkles and all.

Dear, dear Pamela,

The Lipocils which I use, sometimes before bed, sometimes during the day, is colorless, but I noticed the company now makes a real mascara with the lengthening whatever in the formula. I haven't tried it, but it must be good.


You are so right. I only mentioned the glaucoma medication because I have been reading so much about how women are asking their doctors to write prescriptions for it.

Dear "Paying Attention" -- No, the Eucerin is light and perfect for summer.


Let's see, I would say you want to get the Bioderma, the Maxi baby wipes with aloe vera because you cannot find them in the States, then the Eucerin of course and if you can talk a pharmacist into giving you the Retin-A -- it is prescription only, but my pharmacist gives it to me -- it's much, much less expensive here. I think you can find everything else in the States, maybe not the Filorga.

The Flavo-C combo is excellent, but I think difficult to find in the U.S. The Talika products are at Sephora here.

payingattention said...

Thank you! I will have to look at more places - it was not available at the shop I was in today. : (

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