Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elegant Travel: Part III

Traveling in "the good old days."
Traveling. It's a love/hate adventure -- thank goodness for the destination (usually). Cherie and her set, who travel in unspeakable luxury, are complaining about the demise of "the good old days" when they could over pack, cruise up to the first class salon and chat with friends until they were escorted to their seats and had their first glass of champagne inserted into their upturned hands. (No, no, not the first one of the day, the first on the plane.)

Talk about traveling in style, n'est-ce pas?
Cherie and I have one friend who has gotten together with others of like means to lease a time-share jet for their personal travel. I always worry that they could be stressed while snagged in traffic on the way to the airport, but Cherie pointed out to me, I was naively unaware of the detail, that by definition "private plane" means they wait for you. I was relieved to hear that.

Some of us actually like the idea of paring down. Most of us have no choice. In the final installment of our series, I'm turning to my great pal Deja Pseu from Une Femme , who truly does have the system down to a fine art. I've witnessed the tricks that come out of her bag. Magic.

TiS: Boarding Pass (this is the one with the polyvore on the floor capsule wardrobe)
TiS: Cleared for Takeoff (this one shows how I packed it all in a carry on bag)

On the subject of shoes, I agree with Kathy Peck, let's adopt the stylish Italian shop girl trend, Hogans. I had a pair of Tod black patent loafers (not driving shoes) I literally walked the soles off in New York. My brilliant shoe man, Monsieur Cotte, repaired them.

And finally, I've lifted Kit's comment right from my post -- how extraordinary is this technique? Do visit her at Chic Provence

I learned the BEST packing tip... take a hanger, put a plastic dry cleaning bag over it, then start "dressing" it with layers..first a pair of pants, then a tank top, then a shirt, then a sweater, then a jacket over that; include the scarf you would wear with this outfit..then top the whole thing off with another dry cleaning bag. Fold into thirds (or you could roll it), place in suitcase. When you get to the hotel, simply take the hanger out, give a good shake, and hang in the closet...voila! complete outfit, almost no wrinkles... I was so happy it worked so well on last trip to France in April!! Repeat with two more "outfits" and you are done... it's very effective and so simple!

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kathy peck said...

Wow - thanks for the mention, and yes, Hogans save me. I used to live in NYC and I wore them ALL the time,
could walk forever, and still feel chic. I know the Tod loafer you're talking about, very comfortable too.
I'm going to try the "hanger" trick next time we travel.
Where are you going?
Wish I had the private plane! Yes, traveling now is a definite love/hate thing.

une femme said...

Thanks for the links, Tish.

Wouldn't it be fun to just blow the retirement fund and charter a private plane? ;-p

Kaitlyn said...

I'm loving all the packing and traveling tips! Im currently in the midst of a business trip and I've finally realized just how miserable flying in the US now is. Want a seat up front in coach? That's an additional $54. Want to board the plane early? $9. And on a six hour flight, no pretzels to go with your small glass of water. Private jets are a would be nice to feel like they wanted me there rather than feel like a burden.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I like that hanger trick for packing!
I always wonder what it would be like to be part of the "jet set". The interior does look less claustrophobic than most commercial planes..I dislike the feeling of being wedged in like a sardine so i chose not to fly anymore.
It's boats and trains from now on...

BigLittleWolf said...

Ooooo, the hanger trick. That is a good one!

Now if only the traveling to get my son from Point A to Point B (trains, planes, and automobiles) - to get him to college - could be so simple as that private jet.

(I know, right???)

J.W. said...

I am familiar with the Tod shoe but what are Hogans?

ida said...

Oh jw has beaten me to it have never heard of Hogans?

Thanks for the travelling tip. Ida

Karena said...

I am definitley using the hanger tip!! That is probably the very best. I told a girlfriend and she said she would also include bra and panties with the outfit!


Art by Karena

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Tish!
I needed this!!!!! Love Kits ideas.I will certainly check out the other suggestions and also parts one and two. Maryanne xo

Villette said...

The hanger -- genius. And the Hogans - what a good idea, a perfect solution for miles of city walking.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a coincidence. I have an antique version of that trunk in my living room. It's vintage Louie Vuitton and one of our prized possessions. If only we had the jet to go with it.

We've had our own private planes, but not a jet. But it was THE way to travel in style, even if you aren't Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

Splenderosa said...

I'm going to try to remember everything I've learned from both you & Cherie. I do love elegant travelling, but I'm wondering if "lumberjack" is more appropriate for Alaska, where I'm headed next month.
Love ya!!

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