Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nighttime Minimum Musts

Before I launch into what I do every night before I head for bed, let me tell you about a stunning technological slight of hand I pulled off with one light press of a button yesterday. After being informed this space was riddled with malware ("mal" from the Latin meaning bad, and "ware" the second syllable in silver-ware) I located the source -- or sources -- and set about erasing the culprits.

In so doing I was obliged to remove two blogs from my Favorites list, which obviously I thought I did with great skill and economy. I most certainly did. I erased the offenders AND every-single-other blog on the list. Never to be re-found. Like a house of cards.

Not that it will change your life or anything, but I shall recreate my list with diligence.

Now, down to business:

By popular demand -- at least three or four of you asked -- here follows what my simple, effective, no-nonsense every day, all the time products are for pre-bed prep. Over the months I've mentioned many or most of them, but now you'll see them in my daily routine format.


1.) Bioderma ABC Derm H20 Solution Micellaire (solution micellaire means it does not require rinsing). It's a baby product and comes, as you can see, in a completely unglamorous one liter pump container.

I squirt the clear liquid onto large, Lotus baby cotton squares imbibed with aloe vera. A day's grim usually disappears with the use of both sides, if not, take another.

2.) Just because. As mentioned above, rinsing is not necessary, I always spritz with a pure mineral water like Avène, La Roche Posay or Evian to name a few. One large can lasts for months. When one is finished I try another brand, mainly because each has a different type of spray nozzle and I think that's fun. Yes, my life is filled with excitement.

3.) Sometimes. I am, like so many of you, addicted to my Clarisonic brush. Truly it is an investment worth considering. When cleansing with my Bioderma, I often finish with warm water and a Clarisonic "polish" before applying my night cream.
4.) Occasionally. I cleanse my face -- more excitement to the routine -- with Gel Demaquillant Doucer from Avène and rinse it off with my Clarisonic, always finishing with my goodnight spritz.

Cream Care:

1.) Filorga Sleep And Peel. My dermatologist loves, loves, loves this product and now I understand why. It's brilliant. When you wake up in the morning you almost can't believe it. Well, almost.

2.) Until recently (but I'm so attached to these products I may keep them in the mix): Flavo-C serum and its complimentary cream. I believe it's thanks to this combo that my skin looks so amazing. It really does. I'm talking about the quality of my skin. The serum comes in two strengths. I have graduated from the eight to 15 percent L-ascorbic acid formula. If you ever doubted the efficacy of the antioxidant powers of high strength vitamin C, I can assure you from years of using these products, it/they work wonders.

3.) Intensive, focused, wrinkle prevention. You may have all sorts of products you love, but I credit 20 years of constant, as in every-single-night use of prescription Retin-A applied to potential wrinkle areas as the main reason I don't have major creases. Thanks to Retin-A, confirmed by my dermatologist btw, I have no barcode lines above my upper lip, nor do I have that lion whatsit crease between my eyes. Now, would I have had these otherwise? I'll never know. But an ounce of prevention. . .

Et voila, that's my nighttime routine. As you can see, the following products are not cluttering my bathroom shelves:

1.) Astringents.
2.) Toners (I don't even know, maybe they're for daytime use?)
3.) Nighttime lip balms.
4.) Eye creams.

My philosophy on the subject of beauty products is simple: Whatever you feel works for you, makes you happy and is fun to use is what you should be using. My products more than fulfill those requirements.

A demain for the daytime regime.


LuxeBytes said...

Two and a half years of reading your blog has gotten me to trying out your skincare routine, and I love it, Tish. Just a few differences though. I use a very basic Avene moisturizer, and always follow my Bioderma with an Avene sensitive skin cleanser. I do use eye cream, having recently realized that our dry climate has my eyes very parched and my concealer goes on cakey without it. NARS feels very emollient to me and seems to create a cushion-y layer on my skin that stays all night long.

Very fun post. Can't wait for the rest of the series. Anything related to skincare and grooming always captures my attention.


kathy peck said...

Have you shown us the products in the order that you apply them, ie. the Retin A goes on last? I also use similar products from the US and they really do make a difference.

Belle de Ville said...

I'm cuious too about the order of the products used. I would have assumed that retin A would be diluted by other products.

Tish Jett said...

Yes, Retin A last.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I should be focusing on the skin care part of this post but the malware has me curious...how did you discover that you had malware and how did you figure out which blogs were the offenders?

Rose said...

"barcode lips" -- thanks for the laugh, and the list. I bookmarked it.

Sorry you erased your blog list.

déjà pseu said...

So you apply your Retin-A after your serum and moisturizer?? I've been doing the other way around...

Karena said...

Tish thanks for sharing your night time beauty routine with us! It sounds like a great combination that works!

Be sure to enter my New Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!


Art by Karena

aBroad said...

Was my blog erased ? :(

They sell Avene here and I am trying to find the lotion ( I think it is lotion) with Almond in it. It has been a search that equals looking for the lost Ark or something :)

I am allergic to Everything. That's right, Everything. I use Lancome face cleanser and Lubriderm lotion .. I have very dry skin so the lubriderm works .. only at night though, day I wear a light lotion from some skincare brand here that so far has not cause my face to dry up and blow away.

Paris would be so much easier .. they sell everything I love.
besos.. C

knitpurl said...

Thanks for sharing, Tish. Also after reading your blog so long, really appreciate these additions. I too use an eye cream due to weather. (New eye treatment brand for me is Osea, go to brand is still Bobbi Brown.)I have some deep lines, due to negligence and inheritance. But repair and formation of good habits solves a lot. xoxoxo, C.

ida said...

I was warned about the malware on your blog + a name was mentioned as the cause on my security laptop,glad you were able to sort it out.

Retin A is a no,no as it caused burning on my face & that was the mild one!! Will check out the serum you mentioned. Ida

Coastal Harp said...

I noticed the mal-ware too but love your site so much i just kept reclicking till your page stayed with me. I use baking soda/olive oil as a scrub and olive oil as a moisturizer at night. Smell like a salad, but I live alone so don't care.

Flor said...

Thanks a lot for sharing with the readers your secrets and as I say to my kids: " keep going on". From Spain I recommend you also a very good product: Xavea c complex

Flor said...

Thanks a lot for sharing with the readers your secrets and as I say to my kids: " keep going on". From Spain I recommend you also a very good product: Xavea c complex

Class factotum said...

I can't believe I didn't load up on retin-a when we were in France last year. I am assuming it is available OTC and for less than $80 a tube.

Fortunately, my husband is going to Munich next week for work and has my shopping list.

Joni said...

I love learning about your skincare regimen. I'm absolutely in love with my Clarisonic! I've been using mine for over 2.5 years and believe it's one of the best investments I've made yet.

I think vitamin C serums really do a wonderful job. However, I make my own. I feel the homemade version works just as effectively as any product. I just need to make a batch of the serum about every 2 weeks because there are no preservatives in it and it begins to oxidize.

Here's the recipe for those interested: 1/4 teaspoon powdered ascorbic acid, 1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerine, and 2 teaspoons filtered water.

Joni said...

Forgot to mention that the homemade vitamin C serum must be kept in the refrigerator.

Carolyn C. said...

Thanks Tish, my life is complete! I appreciate your respondence to my request!

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