Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jane Fonda Meets Marcel Proust

Jane Fonda

Every week someone answers the famous Proust Questionnaire in Figaro Madame magazine. You are no doubt familiar with it. The idea is that the questions reveal inner secrets of our personalities. When responding one is supposed to reply quickly. I think, once again, Jane Fonda slips nicely into our Faces Through the Ages series as she answers the questions below.

This is what Jane Fonda had to say:

What is your main character trait?

"Courageous. [Also], I'm always in conflict with myself between moments of solitude and sociability. I like to be alone, but when I'm alone I what to be with others."

What is one of your character weaknesses?

"I'm always in a hurry."

What is the first thing you do every morning?

"I have an enormous breakfast with porridge or an omelette when I'm in France."

What would you change about yourself if you could?

"[I would like] to be capable of slowing down."

What's your favorite song?

"Those my companion, Richard Perry, has produced."

What type of grandmother are you?

"I'm a very good grandmother. My grandchildren adore me; we play together. And, I love to spoil them which annoys my daughter [Vanessa Vadim]."

What do you do to combat stress?

"Nine hours of sleep per night."

What do you consider your greatest success?

"To have survived all these years."

What is the cause closest to your heart?

"The combat against violence toward women."

What is your fondest professional memory?

"All the films I did with Robert Redford. He's extremely droll and we get along 'divinely' well."

What is most 'American' about you?

"I'm extremely friendly, even with people I don't know which is not typically French."

Who are your heroines?

Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler.

What do you do to be seductive?

"To be kind and droll."

What are your wardrobe basics?

"Jeans, in all colors -- white, lilac, yellow -- that I always buy in Saint-Tropez.

What would be the perfect guest list for a dinner party?

"My son, Troy, my close friends, plus Annette Bening, Warren Beatty and Dolly Parton. (Even though I adore Robert Redford I never invite him because he hates parties.)"

What is the gift you give most often?


What object means the most to you?

"Possessions mean nothing to me."

What's your favorite drink?


What is a talent you would like to possess?

"I would like to be able to sing and dance on a music hall stage, style Broadway."

What lieu most resembles your personality?

"My ranch in New Mexico."

What makes you uncomfortable?


Marcel Proust

What is your 'madeleine de Proust'?"

"Nat King Cole's music."

What is your péché mignon (little, innocent 'sin' or excess)?

"Dark chocolate."

What would you like that people say about you?

"That I'm interesting."

A demain for more about you. I'm off to Paris in the cold and the rain to have lunch with Duchesse of the intelligently stylish, beautifully written blog, Passage des Perles .


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Enjoyed reading this...I completely identify with her first answer about courage and about the balance between solitude and sociability....I often struggle with where I want to be!!

kathy peck said...

Again, her favorite song is "ones produced by her partner" ~ when is she EVER going to learn?
I've never felt she knows who she is.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am such a sucker for questionnaires. I find them endlessly entertaining!

hopflower said...

Jane Fonda--eh, I am not such a fan. Good questions, though.

Murphy said...

Not a fan of Jane Fonda either, but I do like the series of questions - very creative.

Catherine Robinson said...

Great post, Tish...she certainly slips into your Faces Through the Ages series...perfectly!
Love her answers...class act.

Susan Tiner said...

Have a lovely lunch with Duchesse!

kathy peck said...

Forgot to add that I hope you're having a great lunch with Duchesse.

Lilacs In May said...

Agree with Kathy Peck Re: Janes choice of music - she reminds me of the Julia Roberts character in Runaway Bride who always likes her eggs done the same way as her partner du jour. She always talks about how to keep looking young, she mentions sleep, and exercise and nutrition - and always fails to mention big fat facelifts!

Susan said...

Interesting answers...of course, having loved ones who served in Vietnam, I cannot forget her unAmerican attitude to our soldiers and especially...prisoners of war. I can be forgiving, but she will always be Hanoi Jane to me.

BigLittleWolf said...

Fascinating responses. We do seem to get wiser as we get older...

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

I'm not "into" celebrities...I admire anyone who does their job well & with commitment, be it a street cleaner, actor, CEO, housewife, teacher, politician e.t.c. However, after reading this interview I think I may consider becoming a fan of Jane Fonda!

hopflower said...

Oh, c'mon Susan. She was just being a feminist. Teehee.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tish,

Like Elizabeth Eiffel, I'n not 'into' celebrities. Seldom are they good role models and that is lacking in today's society.
When working as an International Consulting, giving seminars in other languages you also get to know how other countries perceive us as Americans. Let me tell you that we have a very poor and negative immage due to the 'Holywood crap'. Sorry for that, I'm not for using those words but it needs to be said. I admire much more all the sincere women, mothers and wives that manage to keep a family going in such a downward economy. They never make the news, they never get high-lighted in any way but yet they contribute far more when it comes to high ethics and high moral values.

Love to you,


Linda Tinfena said...

Jane Fonda is so amazing, what a life !I think her life represents each decade very well and her anti-war stands were completely misinterpreted.

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