Monday, October 24, 2011

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How gorgeous. A barrette to hold a chignon from Yves Saint Laurent. 

We really have fallen behind in the news update department lately and I feel remiss. I see my job as keeping you one step ahead of au courant. When conversation flags at a cocktail party, for example, you could throw out one of these tidbits. I'm assuming your friends care about the new and the next -- I've noticed, to my great surprise, some people actually don't. Well, I guess it takes all kinds n'est-ce pas?

For those of you who do care, this is what's happening:

Hot Off the Presses

élcectique (subtitle, Des styles de femmes, des styles de vie) recently made its appearance on the cluttered magazine scene in France. The lovely woman who fulfills my magazine fix, informed me that there are some 5,900 magazines published in this country, of which she carries slightly under 2000. (She also stocks whatever American imprints I request.)

I would like to go on record: I deeply admire anyone, anywhere who decides to introduce a new magazine. In fact, it warms my heart. The title of the latest entry is translated on the opening editorial page thusly: éclectique [adj] Que n'a pas de goût exclusif, ne se limite pas à une categorie d'objets. "L'esprit le plus ouvert à toutes les notions et a toutes les impressions. . ." Baudelaire**

And, therein lies the problem. The magazine, lovely as it is, is so éclectique that we don't know what it's all about. Unfortunately, the concept has not resulted in the invention of a new, can't live without title. I'm hoping it will find its way. From my experience with start-ups it takes time and some experimentation. I think I'll subscribe in solidarity for the publishing industry.

I'm éclectique that way.

Restaurant Glou (noun, pronounced "Glue")

My darling friend, her husband (I met him for the first time this weekend) and I had a grand time Saturday evening at Glou in the Marais. I haven't seen her for three years and before that more like 20. The conversation was non-stop and all over the place. That's what's so much fun about catching up.

We agreed our meal was delicious, the ambiance bustling trés, trés lively/trendy, the precise image of what one expects in the Marais. The decoration rough, bistro very Par-ee and fun.

Here's where the fun stopped: No sooner had we placed our bottoms upon the chairs -- Lesley and I hadn't yet placed our sacs on a chair when the pretty waitress gave us our menus. Less than 30 seconds later she asked us if we had made our choices. We had barely said, "Hello, how are you?"

And it continued like that throughout the meal. We had the impression we were being hustled from the table. Very, very annoying.

The address: 101 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003. It is fun, ignore the pressure.

What-ev-er. . .

Rarely have I been inspired by the designs of Castelbajac, and his latest accessory confirms my prejudice.

It's, in my opinion, just plain annoying. A watch -- OK, a bracelet if you want to quibble -- without a face. If you're a fan of Proust it can be rationalized, we're told, à la recherche du temps perdu. All I can say is, the "watch" itself is a waste of time, I mean makes us lose (perdu) time.

Guess What I Thought This Is?

Immediately thereafter, I thought not only is it rather risque, but also it's probably icy-cold going on and no doubt stays that way, particularly in the winter.

However, it's not what I thought it is. It is one of three other things:

1.) A headband (I know! Who would?)

2.) A necklace.

3.) A bow-tie.

From Cerises de Mars, 95 Euros.

A demain for more about you.

**"L'esprit le plus ouvert à toutes les notions et a toutes les impressions. . ." Baudelaire

An esprit open to all notions and all impressions.


sheila b. said...

I love Castelbajac's fragrance. Bottled in what looks like a red parka, it somehow manages to convey a delectable frostiness.

kathy peck said...

Wow - a magazine start up in these times. Yes, heartwarming and breaking at the same time.
I can't bear to hear that about the hustle at the restaurant in Paris. In LA, we get that ALL the time. Makes me afraid to put my fork down, as my plate will be whisked away. But Paris always makes me think of leisurely meals without some server lurking.
I agree about the watch - makes me annoyed.

Northmoon said...

I thought the mesh thing might be some kind of new eye covering, you know, instead of sunglasses. For that air of mystery. Perhaps Karl would wear them?

BigLittleWolf said...

Not a great deal of "boosting power" in those non-sunglasses, I must say.

As for the chignon - always chic - and what a clever idea to use a decorative barrette.

Le Marais! J'en suis jalouse! C'est mon ancien quartier, et que l'ambiance me manque.

Oh. A new magazine? Very courageous. In this day and age? Mega-super-ultra courageous.

Lorrie said...

Such a fun mélange of topics - to keep us all au courant. Merci, Tish.

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Thanks for the restaurant review, Tish. I was excited when you mentioned Glou and added it was located in my favorite Right Bank neighborhood, le Marais. After reading your comments, though, I decided to pass. The whole purpose of going to a French cafe or restaurant is to take your time and enjoy the experience-- with waiters who get it. I am rushed enough when I go out in Seattle. Methinks I will pass on this one. Bonne journée! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I love coming across your blog. I think seeing mature woman, even on the internet feels unusual when equated with beauty! we need more of them :-}


Susan Tiner said...

I can't imagine anyone starting a new magazine right now!

Thank you for the review of Glou, I think we'll pass, we hate being rushed, especially in Paris.

I hope you will tell us the answer, but I'm guessing it's supposed to be a bow tie. It's hard to imagine how it would work.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Eclectique is actually one of my favorite words...but I can see where the magazine would have some challenges. Always love your outings in Paris.

Mary said...

And I thought it was a pair of eyeglasses... Perhaps a headband?

Who would have guessed?

Mary in Oregon

PSING said...

someone sent this to me...have you seen it? thought of you and your bloggers....

quintessence said...

LOVE the YSL barrette - now if only I could figure out how to do something interesting with my hair - I love all these chic "do's" but my heavy hair is SO not cooperative!1

Semi Expat said...

Something for a headache to soothe your brow? Love the chic barrette. X

helen tilston said...

Oh the YSL chignon clip is so adorable and the photo has the light hitting it so beautifully, I don't know if I should paint it or wear. That is a treasure.

have a great week


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