Sunday, November 20, 2011

Next Week Or La Semaine Prochaine

Let's see, next week. . .  It will play out something like this:

News & Views -- we really have a lot of catching up to do.

A Gentleman Explains -- I sometimes think gentlemen are a dying breed, which led me to ask one of my favorite thoroughbreds to weigh-in on the subject. You'll see.

30-Year-Olds -- What is on their minds and where are they going?

Faces Through the Ages -- The final, final installment -- please, I need just a couple more pictures.

Surprise. . . 

A Weekend in The Country

Next Week's Line-up

Another one of those unspeakably glorious sunny, crisp, all-is-right-with-the-world, autumn days.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

A demain mes trés, trés, trés chers amis.


Lost in Provence said...

Oooh, looking forward to all of it but especially the gentleman's perspective. Cloudy here in Provence today--for once you have stolen our sun!


Tricia Rose said...

Wonderfully stormy and dramatic here in Northern California - rain lashing the windows and the sea is rough. Fire lit, flourless chocolate cake under way.
I re-sent Tish, maybe in spam!

helen tilston said...

Hello Tish

I will be looking forward to your weekly posts. I love the topics. Yes.
My best for a relaxing weekend.

Carol said...

Oh Tish, l'm really looking forward the the gentleman's perspective. Like you, l have been wondering if they are a dying breed so l can't wait to hear from a thoroughbred !

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

It looks like an interesting week for your readers - looking forward to the first instalment.

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