Sunday, November 27, 2011

Next Week Or La Semaine Prochaine

Mes trés, trés, trés, chers amis, next week will be something I have never done before. I shall explain.

First, I plan to gingerly, step into the 21st century. With my pal The Class Factotum, we will be (that's the editorial "we" as in, she leads, I follow) constructing a Real Live Facebook page(!!!) for me. It's not that I'm going into this adventure kicking and screaming, but I've been told I should get up to speed so to speak and I'm sort of reluctantly seeing the light.

If I ever start Tweeting, sign a petition and have me committed.

Second, I must finish up the loose ends of my big project. People are depending on me. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Third, I will select some of my favorite (and I hope they are/will be yours) posts from the past to entertain you while I slog through my duties.

Fourth, Monday I shall do a "News & Views" because I have some fresh bits to tell you.

Fifth, as I believe I mentioned, Andrea and Will will be home for Christmas and I must -- absolutely must -- get my house in order. I'm being, unfortunately, completely literal here. Andrea is a Virgo (I've also mentioned this detail on several occasions) and you know how they are about "a place for everything and everything in its place."  I haven't seen her since last Christmas, so you can imagine how things have really piled up around here.

Sixth, I am now about to ask my darling, darling Marsi if she has the time and inclination to write a post for us this week.

Seventh, the week after next I shall catch-up on our Faces Through the Ages series. Wait until you see how interesting the 30-year-olds are, (as well as the rest of us of course).

I hope it's beautiful wherever you are. It's another crisp, sunny day chez nous.

And, once again, thank you for everything. Thank you for being there. Thank you for changing my life.



Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I actually came kicking and screaming to Twitter before Face Book...the latter is difficult because of the time factor and I continue to have my current and former students want to "friend" me...I really want the teacher and the blogger lives separate! Just to say, I understand your hesitations! I look forward to all your future blog posts as always!!

webb said...

Hope you like Facebook, but I really don't. Get so tired of people (my actual friends and family) who feel the necessity of telling me every thought that passes thru their heads. I have blocked so many of them, that effectively I only have my husband left. Don't really need Facebook for him! Hope you have a better quality of friends!

déjà pseu said...

Hooray! I just jumped on the Facebook page bandwagon myself. Exciting developments...

Class factotum said...

Webb, I have blocked a lot of relatives. I love them, but they are boring facebookers! I even had to block my husband for a short while when he was very involved in some of the political activity here in Wisconsin and I just wanted peace and quiet.

We are setting up a fan page for Tish, not a friend page, so it should be easier to administer and she won't be overwhelmed on her news feed.

I am excited because I know she has so many neat photos and observations that never make it to her blog. I can't wait to see pictures of the cafe where she stops for lunch or of the bakery where she buys her croissants. I want to hear what she has to say about the elegant elderly Frenchman with his dog and newspaper sitting next to her at the bistro or what she overheard on the metro.

I am also excited about having a place where it will be easier to interact with Tish and with other readers! Fans will be able to post their own photos and observations to her fan page - we can see what is going on all over FemmeWorld.

It will be fun!

kathy peck said...

I'm on Facebook and I actually enjoy it. I have a personal page, and then my "Studio" page, where I have over 14,000 "fans". It's a great way for artists to connect and for me, it's a fast way to stay in touch with family and people, without having to send personal emails (ie. photos of family events, etc.)
As for my "Studio" page, I show my own art, that of guest artists, and sometimes do a post on historical art.
In a way, it's like a blog for me?
And although I've been advised to use Twitter, I feel like you do Tish, just can't go there...yet, anyway.

Tricia Rose said...

I'm on Facebook, haven't the strength for Twitter - however for visual communication, I LOVE Pinterest!

Your week sounds like a plan~

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I am not ready to jump on the FB bandwagon...I have a personal account but our school district policy frowns on it. My career could be compromised so I dare not risk it.

Good luck Tish. Faux Fuchsia and Deja Pseu have already made the move and I see that this is a definite trend.

quintessence said...

So much to look forward to!! I'm with Kathy- I have both a personal Facebook "profile" and a Quintessence "page" - those are the official terms and as you will discover, you need the first to have the second. Also agree with Tricia - LUV Pinterest - I don't interact on it but it is at least a place where I can save all my visual inspiration! Lastly twitter - although not to many here seem to have embraced it, I love it and have made many connections with people who are now friends in real life. Not to mention, it is how I was included on the amazing trip to the London Design Festival!! So please do let me know

bv said...

dear tish,
all i want for christmas is for you to post your picture on 'thru the ages'.....your turn.

Duchesse said...

Have fun with your page, and also preparing your home for your daughter and son in law... welcoming one's grown children is such a heartwarming event.

helen tilston said...

Hi Tish

Looking forward to reading your posts for the upcoming week. You are always interesting. I shall be interested in your emergence to Facebook

Best wishes
Helen xx

Sulky kitten said...

I have just started reading your blog, and it is fabulous! Thank you, you're a wonderfully engaging and witty writer.

Anonymous said...

Been there done that.
Your so special now and no trouble finding fans. It's so yesterday.
Ditto for Twitter.
Facebook has a way of using you by tracking your likes and age groups and where you go..will not visit you there. Hello cookie monster((((

Duchesse said...

I like M&S underwear! And speaking of happy returns, will it not be a new day when we can give up celebrating a woman for not looking her age? My, how that bogeyman of age runs us. Tish, after publishing those photos, I know you see the beauty in every age.

Susan Tiner said...

I can't wait to "Like" your Facebook page!

I know what you mean about family visiting and needing to get the house in order :). said...

I have a personal page on facebook and have designed a blog/work page but yet to hit the launch button! I think I may be a little nervous about finding the extra time for one more thing...we will wait and see. Good luck to you!

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