Monday, December 19, 2011

A Fabulously Frothy French Fairyland

My great, great amie Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart, an elegantly creative interior designer and divine inspiration behind the blog Through the French Eye of Design -- where she shares her sophisticated French inspired (she's French after all)  ideas for us to appropriate -- graciously agreed to help inspire us in our holiday decorating this year. What she says and does is so gleaming, glistening, glamourous it takes one's breathe away.

I hope you enjoy her ideas and are inspired as much as I am.

I received such a kind and flattering invitation: My talented friend Letitia** asked if I would share a few ideas for a Holiday decor. Bien sûr!

The implied brief was carte blanche. I like that.

I plunged into the challenge at the first opportunity. This is what I would, will, might do if and when I decide to send some invitations. 

MY operative word: PRETEND Holiday decor...thus little inconveniences like price and such? just not part of the picture.


What is the magic formula for decorating a spectacular Winter Wonderland dinner party?

Lots of white, lots of silver, lots of crystal and glass. And a few little details more.To be applied everywhere.

Start with the mantle, the buffet, the consoles; take your inspiration from the enchanting postcard pictures of Vermont in December, let's say.

When that is done, all the attention turns to the table. A crisp white antique table cloth will be spread, and for added drama, a silver brocade shawl or a rich sari becomes a stunning runner. 

Let's not forget the fine embroidered napkins waiting in the drawer. After all, c'est la fête!

The house's most precious glassware will be needed. Lalique or Baccarat a plus.

Crystal plates will be piled on top of simple white and silver china.

And of course, what would a Winterfest be without candelabras; statuesque silver or tall lacy Murano will do just fine.

The ornate family silver will lend some old world richness.

Mercury glass is the absolute best for making it all sparkle.

To be displayed generously; no limit.

For added drama, a large piece of rock crystal or two in the center of the table will bring on an inevitable ovation.

With all this grandeur a bit of whimsy and fun must not be left out. Artificial snow and Lapland fauna: the Alps or the Rockies have come... inside.

A few faux snow balls will round off the Wintery recipe.

A fete without flowers? of course not. Keep them white, keep them grand.
et voilà! 

Now all that is left is one's personal interpretation. As in all formulas, a little tweak here and there will do no harm. Adapt, adapt, adapt. 

Most of all,
Have a great time!

**I left in the compliment for which I am most grateful considering the source. Merci Jeanne-Aelia. I trust you'll run right over to meet her if you're not already addicted to her sumptuous style.


vicki archer said...

Stunning! Tish... xv

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Merci Letitia, I am delighted to spend the day chez toi. Have a great Christmas en famille!

designchic said...

What a gorgeous soiree in white. Love the beautiful tablescape and the snowballs...the perfect touch!!

The enchanted home said...

Oh my gosh....breathtaking!! A true winter wonderland. Going to go visit her blog, love what I see...fabulously beauitful!

déjà pseu said...

Absolutely enchanting!! I love the idea of using just white and silver, it's so soothing after all of the seasonal visual jangle.

Spiral Style said...

Sophisticated winter wonderland meets ice palace with elegant bling. Just lovely.

ms. caboo said...

That is gorgeous. It would make a spectacular winter wedding scene.

BigLittleWolf said...

Love love love the clean opulence (yes, I did say that) of white, silver, and glass.

It can be opulent without being trop de trop when you keep to that palette.

I admit - I have touches of red everywhere normally - and a few extras this time of year. (That makes my holiday palette white, silver, glass and red!)

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! (Stress-free feting tips, chez moi, Teen Mama style...)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful...every detail, exquisite! Would love to be at this party!

kathy peck said...

Very beautiful. At first I read the post quickly, and was going to reply "why are you blogging with Andrea there?", always, when I went back, I see you're well covered. Hope you're having an absolutely splendid visit!

helen tilston said...

Hello Tish

This decor is so inviting, gentle and elegant. Thank you
Helen xx

Jill Ann said...

So beautiful! I LOVE mercury glass and am happy to see lots of it in the shops; not the "real" stuff, but at least I can afford the imitation!

Lorrie said...

Quelle charme! J'adore la cloche remplie des pommes de pin.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love the frosty and frothy opulence of icy crystal and silvered trinkets...
It's so enchanting!

Perdita said...

Whether old French or olde English, frothy glass and sparkling crystal really set off a table! I am combining mine with central European lace, bought on my honeymoon. The crystal is mismatched from charity shops, but all the more charming in its own way?

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Great,classy, textural and calm..... Loved it ! Have a great xmas season Tish! Maryanne xo

Au Privilège du Roi said...

Love the Murano Candelabras!! J'adore!

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Fabulous.....some great inspiration here.

Susan Tiner said...

Oooh, so pretty. These photos give me some ideas for decorating next year.

Thank you for sharing Jeanne-Aelia with us!

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