Friday, January 27, 2012

A New French Survey

It seems to me it's about time for a new survey. Setting aside for the moment creams and elixirs (which many respondents, as you will soon see, refused to do) I asked several friends and acquaintances the following question: What do you do to stay young?

This is what they told me:

Danielle: A stretching class, English lessons, crossword puzzles, bicycling wherever I can and lots of creams which comfort me, but probably don't produce any results.

The Vichy Thermal Spa.

Marie-Claire: I just cut my hair and added thick bangs. I think I look younger. Two weeks in the Vichy thermal spa, swimming.

Isabelle: I laugh all the time and I write plays, always comedies. They have been produced in tiny local theaters. The work and the anticipation keep me young.

Michel: It's important to always have projects, aims in life. We're restoring our house at the moment which is a huge project. Also one must never be egotistical, if you care about others and think about their well-being you stay young.

Annie: I take classes. I need to learn new things. It's an adventure for me.

Claudine: Yoga, tai chi, stretching classes and I always, always think positively. I am positive by nature and I always find a way to make my mind go toward solutions to problems and not get too focused on the drama. Also argan oil all over my body.

Dany: Picking mushrooms in the Rambouillet forrest, eating really good, fresh food and very little meat. I go to practically every new exhibition in Paris.  I also cover my body with creams and lotions from head to foot even though I find it annoying.

Josianne: Swimming, golf, thinking positively as much as I can and a shelf-full of Nuxe treatment products.

Alain: Golf, bridge twice a week, scrabble, English classes, travel and looking at pretty women.

Maryanne: I do absolutely no sports, which I know I should, and I hate walking in the forrest so I try to compensate by sleeping nine hours and being active during the day. Since we have three houses it's not difficult to find things to do. And, of course I have more creams, lotions and serums than a parfumerie. Another thing, I put my makeup on first thing every morning. I have breakfast fresh-faced, but I don't feel 'dressed' without my makeup.

Françoise: My first (and only for the moment) grandchild, painting classes and travel.

Anne-Laetitia: A happy marriage plus a neck lift and hyaluronic acid injections. (Ed. Note: Ahem.)

And finally, several said faire l'amour as often as possible. Nothing keeps you young better than that, they said.

What do you do to stay young?
Night. . .

and day.

Remember, we don't care about chronological age, we're talking heart and mind -- plus some serious upkeep. If you prefer your hyaluronic acid treatment in a more friendly formulation, don't forget my magic Eucerin cream. It's as close as one can get to a miracle in a jar.


BigLittleWolf said...

My "youthful" routine at feisty, flirty, and 50-something includes:

- Writing daily, so my mind continues to be engaged and questioning
- a small amount of moisturizer everywhere that makes sense
- drinking plenty of water
- making love
- more making love
- enjoying conversations with extraordinary women, as we do here.

Lovely post. (Wouldn't mind a bit of the Eucerin cream!)


Pearl said...

Try to write daily (plays and fiction), talk to my students out of class about everything (they're 20, so we laugh a lot), laugh, watch comedies, use moisturiser daily, eat well. I want to add, daily exercise (biking, walking, and yoga) and learning something new, but those are aspirations, not reality right now. The best: fall in love.

hopflower said...

I have a good skin care regime (although I would like some of that Eucerin Cream), and make sure to eat a healthy diet and drink enough water. I also get a lot of exercise per week. It includes daily exercise instead of one strenuous session. I try to think in a healthy manner as well.

Caryl said...

Your friends, like you, are inspirational. And yes
that Eucerin cream! Is it available in the states? If not,
I may give up blogging at and become
the national distributor. Ha!

Tree said...

Strive for healthy food, water, sleep, relationships,surroundings.

Animal companions!
Keep your heart open and young.

Each day is a gift, one not granted to all.

Find the positve, stay current.

View hurts and heartaches of the past as part of your unique patina.

In mind and body.

Nix Negatives!
What we put inside ourselves will eventually show on the surface, so nix jelously, gossip, etc.

Dr. Perricone Nutritive Cleanser.
Strivectin exfoliating scrub and eye cream.
Khiels Restorative Night Serum.

Chicatanyage said...

I agree with most of the comments. I do yoga, pilates and cycle or walk whenever I can. I am currently taking French and photography classes. I have recently added a simple breathing meditation for 20 mins each day and this definitely helps to smooth a furrowed brow. Not forgetting the high SPF sun cream.

Vivienne said...

Hugging. Lots and lots of hugging. Friends, acquaintances, total strangers. All the love keeps me smiling, and that makes me feel young!

kathy peck said...

What a timely post for me. I've been going through a lot of unavoidable stress for the last two weeks, and I can tell you that nothing is more aging than that. But, external circumstances occur in life, and this post made me realize that although there's nothing I can do about this situation, I can change how I react, so I can handle it better, and not let it take a huge toll on my body.
So, I went off to the ordered the Eucerin, went off to the gym for a hard workout, a steam, a visit to the knitting store for a project, and made an appointment for a Fraxel laser! Thank you Tish, for such a great post, and thank you all for the fantastic suggestions. xo

kathy peck said...

And I've already drunk one liter of water today, and will be drinking a second. Dehydration isn't good.

Annette said...

French class/magazines and sudoku to keep my mind agile, riding my horse and yoga for my body, and eating lots of fruits and veggies. I have creams but I'm not consistent about using them.

Duchesse said...

Please, next time, could you consider wording your question, "What do you do to stay vital?" or "engaged with life?" When you asked, "What do you do to stay young?" the responses do not wholly support your assertion that "we don't care about chronological age". And then there's that neck life. Also, being old does not mean one is uninterested in learning new things, asocial, ignores grooming or has become asexual.

webb said...

Jazzercise five mornings a week. I long for the Eucerin, but it apparently is not sold in the US. If Caryl will sell it, I will buy!

Duchesse said...

Oh, I meant "neck lift". I am fairly exercised about the underlying assumption with this type of question, ads and articles that present "staying young" as positive (as if anyone can truly stay young) and aging as negative. If we are lucky we will get old, and look it.

Spiral Style said...

Kickboxing and weight lifting. Eating very well and keeping weight under control. A little Botox in the forehead. Blogging keeps me up on what is new and engages my mind and give me a creative outlet. Travel, and new experiences. LOVE keeps me feeling young/vital.

The enchanted home said...

Hi Tish....well moving feels like survival of the fittest so I think for now this is keeping me young but I do enjoy tennis and riding, and just keeping my mind active and engaged, I always have a project or dream in the making up my sleeve. I loved reading the responses! I have been told about this magic Eucerin before, from someone who is a skin fanatic. She has her own batallion of favorites, and thats one of them!
Hope alls well, about to hit the bed, so tired but wanted to say a quick hello, I so miss being around in blogland but in due time I will be back in the routine:)

Carol said...

Laugh, as often as possible. Dance when the mood strikes. Flirt shamelessly when the opportunity arises and read, constantly.

helen tilston said...

Hi Tish

A wonderful post and lots of great tips from your readers


J. Beaudet said...

I've never tried that one! It looks promising:) I do yoga and paint. I used to work in an elementary school and miss that. That definitely kept me young!
Take care,

Jeanne @ Collage of Life said...

Fantastic post Tish! I loved reading all the comments here and enjoyed their suggestions. Eucerin has long been a favourite in our house. I just returned from Morocco with Argan oil after having the most incredible spa treatment. I think it will be a favourite for many years to come.
Best wishes for a joyful week Tish..
Jeanne xx

The American Suburbanite in Rural England said...

Getting outside in the sun and fresh air (with sunscreen of course) always helps me feel energized, swimming, Zumba, aquafit, yoga, and Pillates when I can't get a good walk or some gardening time in. A constant quest to explore and learn something new drives each day and I hope to never loose that, whether it is a formal class, a google search, a post from your blog!

Thanks for the great post and all the great comments!

Caroline@thebalancedapproach said...

Staying young and vital -mmm- probably not enough creams, lotions and potions..(and yes I too can't buy eucerin here in Aust), but do concentrate on the inside - lots of fruit and veg, lots of water - healthy as possible but of course complimeted by a great glass of vin rouge and un piece de chocolat (dark of course)!!
Sunshine (lots at the moment) kids, laughter, family , work and a major attempt to keep it all balanced!!

Susan Tiner said...

I was going with the flow then read Duchesse's comments -- I assume you meant and your friends understood the question to be about vitality.

I agree with your friends that faire l'amour as often as possible makes a big difference.

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