Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Visit to The Pharmacie

This is the one that puts me gently to sleep.
No doubt I've mentioned this before, perhaps on several occasions, but I must bring up the subject again in order to tell you something riveting after I re-tell you that I'm a worrier.

Before Rizzoli bought my book proposal, that gave me lots of things to worry about. Now that they've bought it and have been exceptionally supportive, I'm worried about writing it. Sometimes I worry about what I will wear to certain interviews -- you know, light worrying, but still. I have a vast and impressive roster of things that can keep me awake at night. Some of my preoccupations are "what ifs" which is truly a waste of time and energy.

As my daughter says, I worry when I don't have something to worry about because I might forget something really important that I should be worrying about. She's not entirely wrong.

The problem with my "malady" is that it keeps me awake at night. More to the point, I can't fall asleep because my head is spinning with dilemmas -- self-inflicted or not. This of course ruins the next day and becomes an infernal circle of hell. (Don't ever let anyone tell you that I exaggerate.)

But, no more. I have new "meds."

This one promotes an uninterrupted night's sleep which is usually not my problem. Once I'm  asleep; I'm asleep.
Christine, my pharmacist friend, led me to relief. This is how it happened:

Christine: Letitia, I have found the answer to all your problems.

Moi: All my problems? Why didn't you tell me this years ago?

C: No, not all your problems, but your sleep problems.

M: I don't want any meds. I can't afford to lose anymore of my memory or anesthetize what's left of my brain cells.

C: There you go again. You know I would never suggest real medicine. These pills are 100 percent natural.

M: You mean plants and stuff?

C: Exactly. And, I'd like to test them on you. Then I can tell other clients how well they work.

M: What if they don't work?

C: In that case I won't say anything.

M: OK, I'm willing to try anything.

C: Here, they're a cadeau.

M: Oh, no, I can't.

C: Yes you can. I'm considering you a test subject.

M: OK, merci mille fois.

Well, they work. One is to help me fall asleep within the half hour after taking it; the other guarantees a full night's sleep.

Caveat: If for one reason or another I've fussed myself into a frenzy, they do not work but on a normal night with only slight agitation, they work like a dream -- literally. As Christine says, "you have to cooperate with them."


helen tilston said...

Hello Tish

I think I have heard it all " you have to co-operate with them" hee hee

Wishing you a week without stresss and with peaceful sleeps without anxiety or worry. Amen

Francine Gardner said...

it is a good thing you and i are not roomates! i am a constant worrier, when all is well with my life, I worry about what will happen next! I have been taking a natural treatment that my mom'd doctor prepared for no effect. i see the wrinkles on my face for the lack of sleep. my next trip home (france) i will run to my village pharmacist and try this.

Dorky Medievalist said...

Oh Tish, I've just thought of you today because I read a wonderful post about French women's fashion on the wonderful blog The Bright Shillings of March:

Baxter is a brilliant writer with the most amazing shopping luck and an enviable handbag collection. I think she will love your book.

And sweet dreams to you. Rest easy knowing that there will be a generous audience for your work, whenever it comes out. You realise the next time I'm in France I'm going to come back laden with pharmacie remedies instead of clothes, don't you?

BigLittleWolf said...

As a lifelong troubled sleeper, does Christine have a similar herbal concoction for this side of the ocean?

How lovely that you get to be the cochon d'Inde for these remedies - particularly when they work!

Wishing you many more good nights of sleep. (And wishing you'd send us your pharmacist!)

Veronica said...

Oh my hat I am so sorry but you had me giggling with that little verbose interlude... too precious actually, you have to co-operate with them..

Your writing is great so no worries there... sleep sleep sleep says me, um ...worrier extradinaire...sigh

Happy sleep


Chicatanyage said...

I felt I was reading a description of myself. I inherited worry it seems to be in my genes. Will try recommended pills when I next go to France. Find 5htp helps available most chemists and listening to a meditation tape in the evenings.

Joni said...

Worry is my middle name so I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm glad you agreed to be Christine's test subject and the herbal remedy worked. Thank goodness for small wonders. Quality sleep makes all the difference in the world. I wonder what's available stateside that's similar?

Karena said...

So many of us worriers out there. Many sleepless nights....I take a med that is non addictive, yet puts me into a deep sleep.....I am an extremely light sleeper otherwise.

Art by Karena

Linda C. said...

Word for Word...that's me. I can be so tired, but one thought, one little thing and that's all it takes for a night of sleeplessness.

I wonder if these remedies are available in Australia. Some days I go to work so drained.

déjà pseu said...

Good to know! I generally don't have problems falling asleep, but sometimes will wake up in the wee hours unable to finish a night's sleep. How do you feel in the mornings after taking these?

kathy peck said...

I'm so glad they're working. Can you find out what's in them, so perhaps I can find something similar in the US? We need Christine equivalent here.

Anonymous said...

I distrust all these 'natural products'. Read up on melatonin, which this product is based on. Melatonin has not been evaluated for safety or effectiveness by the FDA. on this side of the pond. Just sayin'.

Clarissa said...

After looking at the main ingredients on the front of the two boxes in your pictures, I did some US online research. Looks like Night Calm might be our equivalent? Looking for a way to get off the Ambien/Zolpidem cycle. Clarissa

Tanya said...

I love your writing and the play-by-play conversations with Christine. As a chemist, though, in the US meaning of the word, (note: not a medical doctor and not pretending to be) I have a word of caution about the use of "all natural" and plant-origins as a "safe" alternative to prescription drugs. ALL medication is either plant-based or is plant-derived. "Natural" and "plant-based" does not equal safe or non-addictive. As for effective - well, I guess you'll tell us.

Tish Jett said...

Thank you Tanya for your comments. I agree completely with you and yes, I know "all natural" could mean any number of other toxic substances, but Christine is an expert on plants and has a special degree in the study as well as a doctorate in pharmacology.

I trust her completely. I probably shouldn't be pushing "drugs" in this space, but I am always tempted to share most of the things I do on my blog.

Pseu, FYI, there are no hang-overs. Quite perky for me in the morning. I'm always happy when I wake up and willing to talk right out of bed, but "perky" I'm not. It always takes awhile to get the system up to speed.

Rubiatonta said...

I'm a terrible sleeper, and have been all my life. I've been taking Zolpidem for quite a while now, and it works really well, but I'd like something natural. I wonder if there's a Spanish equivalent...

Maryl said...

Good to hear from you Tish. You've described my past two sleepless nights. Last night in particular my mind wouldn't calm down jumping from one anxiety to another. Worry has got to be part of the global female DNA. How can we get a French pharmacist (a Christine clone please) over here in the states? I would love to try your natural plant remedy but it looks like I'll have to resort to an Ambien night tonight. I need some sleep.

Seriously Tish, your recommendations are so enticing that we may soon require you to provide ecommerce on your site. (I can see you creating different bundles of creams. pills and maybe an accessory of two.) Your Probiolog sounds effective. I wonder if it compares to Align, an over-the-counter probiotic, in the states? And finally it's not fair that we can't buy Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Day. Amazon has now run out although I found some on The shipping cost more that the product but not a deal breaker. There must be someone I know on their way to Paris that I can give a shopping list to!!

lifeonthecfarm said...

I love reading your musings, today's sounded so much like me! And reading your friends' comments, it seems so many women worry and don't sleep well. I too worry, and i too don't sleep well. What a combo. When my daughter was ill, it was like I had a newborn- no sleep for two years. Even without worrying about her, I worry about (in no particular order): work, dinner tomorrow, the Presidential election, whether Kim Kardashian will ever find true love...

My best friend: Benedryl. I only take it once a month (at most) when I am at my wits end and my face starts to twitch.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Send me a years supply please :)

I have such a list of things to worry about right now that I worry about which thing to worry about first.

Send pills .. besitos. C

Jill Ann said...

Maryl: good news, the Eucerin cream can be ordered at, and they have free shipping on orders over $35. I've ordered from them twice now with no problem, although it does take about 3 weeks.

sara r said...

From another bad sleeper, I appreciate any and all advice :-)
I'll do a little research on my own, but without your recommendation, I'd never even take a look at the US counterpart to this.

It amazes me how different life looks when I can get a good night of rest!!!

Carol said...

What a relief to find something that actually helps you sleep and puts that mind chatter to rest for a while. Must be so nice to wake feeling rested and fresh..

l will see if we have something similar here..

sanda said...

Hoping for something similar in the U.S. No problem falling asleep, but waking up at 3 a.m. and not being able to fall asleep again is not a good thing! Great post.

Susan Tiner said...

I will visit a pharmacie in Paris and stock up!

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