Monday, March 5, 2012

Magnificent Obsession:
Late Winter Edition

Keep reading, Marsi will explain. . .

Marsi may love sharing her beauty secrets with you. I just plain love Marsi. Today she's back and I think that will make you happy. I always do whatever she suggests.

I love sharing old favorites and discovering new ones. Here's a mix of old and new that I can't seem to get enough of lately. I'd love to hear what you think, as well as what's on your radar for spring.

L'Oréal Color Riche Balm

Beautiful, sheer moisture ... and a fabulous bargain. 
My new favorite cheap thrill. Whether I'm doing a simple "le no makeup" look for the weekend or an inky, smudged eye for the rest of the week, it's the ticket. I have mad love for Nourishing Nude, Plush Plum, and Rose Elixir. I bought all three for less than the cost of a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, its high-end cousin. On that note ...

Chanel Tentation nail polish

Beautiful, vivid color ... but not exactly a bargain. 
For me, the best part of each seasonal makeup collection from Chanel is its divine nail polish. As polish goes, of course it's spendy. But Chanel's colors are so different -- always an interesting variation on a theme -- and the formula such a pleasure to use that it's a small price to pay for the posh beauty lift it gives me. Last weekend, I picked up Tentation, the gorgeous hot pink (with a subtle flash of opalescence) that you see above. What a perfect transitional color for le printemps.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is great for your eyesight.
Try it, and you'll see what I mean.

It ain't sexy, but a cup of carrot juice whirred into my morning "green smoothie" (spinach, carrot juice, and blueberries) has brought back my night vision. The same happened to my dear friend Cynthia, a fellow femme d'un certain age who noticed a rapid deterioration in her night vision when she quit eating carrots every day. She's back on the daily carrot, and so am I. Within six days of starting this regime, I was driving at night without experiencing blurriness, glare, and halos for the first time in my life. I've also noticed that my eyes haven't felt dry and scratchy, which, between wearing contact lenses and living in a semi-arid climate, was a chronic problem. I believe my night vision problems were a sign of vitamin A deficiency, and I'm delighted that the cure is so simple.

France Musique webstream

When in Denver, do as the French do:
listen to France Musique
I stream France Musique at home and office for my daily dose of classical, jazz, and talk à la français. You can, too.

Mariage Frères Thé de Lune incense

Rich, ambery incense that, unlike a candle, won't light my cats' whiskers on fire. 
Really, one of the most elegant scents in the world. I discovered this incense at Mariage Frères in Le Marais seven years ago and have continued buying it ever since. Because Paris trips rarely loom large in my future, I replenish my stock during my yearly visit to Washington, D.C. The scent always transports me back to Paris.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

That is my husband's favorite carrot juice...he drinks mass quantities!! I have wanted to see someone review the lip balm...I think I am ready to give it a try!!

Kristi said...

I too, love Marsi. It is great to see her here. She has given me a lot of great advice over the years in small ways and now I'm thrilled about the carrot juice idea. I thought (silly me) that I was the only one with terrible night vision as I aged ... Thanks Tish for sharing her and for your lovely and inspirational blog.

Duchesse said...

I'm curious, can you apply that hot pink polish by yourself? I cannot use anything but the palest shades without it looking messy. Dabbing at the edges with a q-tip soaked in alcohol still does not give a crisp line. How do you do it?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I'll give the carrot juice a test drive and I might try the lip gloss too...I saw ads in the magazines and was curious and Marsi I appreciate you sharing these tidbits.

BigLittleWolf said...

Those nail colors look edible! And also, energizing (perfect for the trailing weeks of winter). I admit to being nail-polish-obsessed at present; I've just switched from Vixen to Raisin Rage (I think it's easy to give oneself a manicure)... and it's keeping my nails stronger as I spend so much time pounding on a keyboard!

Catherine Robinson said...

I love Mariage Freres too...I agree with you it is one of the most elegant scents...I can smell it as I'm typing...beautiful.
Have a great week, Tish.

knitpurl said...

Marsi, how nice to read your excellent comments again. Carrot juice was not something I thought of, but I'm buying some immediately. Those nail polish colors are gorgeous. Trying Revlon Calla Lily on my toes = it's white with the subtlest shimmer. xoxo

LuxeBytes said...

Duchesse, yes, I do my own nails. Practice practice practice, I guess. I've been doing them weekly ever since "Dynasty" was on tv in the States; Wednesday was always Nail Night when I was a teenager.

But I digress. I think it takes good light, a table for support, and practice. These instructions are good:

Class factotum said...

I've been having dry eyes. I have blamed it on the stupid cold dry winter air, but maybe - maybe I am vitamin A deficient. I will try your carrot solution. Thanks for the idea!

Carol said...

l'm going to start the carrot juice too, l have dreadful night vision ( or lack of )

The L'oreal balm sounds wonderful too.

Thank you Marsi for sharing your knowledge..

Raewyn said...

I am definitely trying the carrot juice. I too have contacts and suffer from dry eyes in the evening. I live on my own so can't hand over the driving duties and some nights It probably isn't right for me to be out there - but I have to get home!! Hope I dont change colour as Ive heard happen. said...

GREAT PICS:) I really like your much nice inspiration...I wish you a lovely week.

LOVE Maria at

Lost in Provence said...

I am a hopeless fan of drugstore makeup, I admit it. Actually, I probably wouldn't have except Helen Mirren said the exact same thing in VF's Proust questionnaire and if she can, so can I. On my recent stocking up trip in the States, the L'Oreal Balm was entirely sold out! So I will have to check it out here, alas not for the same price...

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