Saturday, June 23, 2012

A French Country Weekend

This week's wish-upon-a-fruit selection.
Back from the market with today's bounty and my new seasonal fruit for the same wish. Surely it will come true if I wish and wish and wish.

Today I ate my first "white" cherries of the season. They were perfect: sweet with that sour back kick, firm, juicy.

Yesterday I bough yet another rose bush. I'm not a huge fan of pink roses, but this variety is almost white with the slightest blush of pink. It's like a white pink. It will be planted later today.

My new roses.
Since all flowers seem to have significance, I decided to find out what these pale, pale pinks represent.

  • Grace
  • Admiration
  • Sympathetic Thoughts
I have made a small bouquet for my desk in tones of peach, coral and an orange-tinged yellow. It makes me happy to have flowers next to me when I work and the perfume is divine. (I'll show you next week. My camera is charging.)

And voila, my weekend so far. It's an exquisite day after an "iffy" week of winds, rain and hail.


carolyn bradford said...

Such a beautiful rose bush! Do you know the name of it and is it a climbing rose? That seems to be the only kind I can grow! Maybe I should make a wish as I pick my veggies and tomatoes later today! I think I might! Have a great weekend!

déjà pseu said...

That rose is exquisite!!! I just noticed yesterday at the market that the cherries have arrived. Will have to pick some up today. Bon weekend, Tish!

kathy peck said...

What a beautiful rose. Planting a rose garden at our new home. Hoping your wish comes true, and soon!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh your weekend is off to a great start with the acquisition of new roses. I plan to find some new David Austen's just as soon as I finish the school term.
Have you seen the Royal Jubilee rose yet?
It is magnificent!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

That rose is exquisite. No cherries on our trees this year, the weather did them in!! Diane

kabayoz said...

Very good selection I must say. Beautiful rose with that delicate pink blush in the middle. Nothing beats the heavenly scent of a rose.
There's a ritual going on every year with our cherry tree. When the fruits start to ripen, the birds have the first pick. Their rewards for the pleasure of their company.

Karena said...

Lovely rose, and I am loving all of the fresh fruit right now!! Delish!

Art by Karena
Artist Series 2012

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