Sunday, July 29, 2012

And the Papier d'Armenie Goes to ...

... Kathleen!

The randomizer at selected comment 14: Kathleen, who'd like a swan's down powder puff the next time one of her cohorts visits France. Please email me at manon729 at yahoo dot com with your address, and I'll drop your envelope in the mail on Monday.

Here's a marvelous little article about Caron powder puffs, written by my favorite perfume blogger, Victoria at Bois de Jasmin. Makes you long for a puff, too, non? They're really lovely and so utterly feminine.

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments, each of which whetted my appetite -- and everyone else's, too -- to shop till we drop in France. I'm already making my list.

A bientot,


helen tilston said...

Congratulations to Kathleen. She is a lucky girl

Helen xx

Lilly Forever! said...

Hello! This is Lilly Forever over at I wanted to let you know that my blog has a new name. It is now “OMG I Am 50” or As a current follower, I hope you will continue to visit my blog! Also, if my previous blog name is on your public blog list please update it. Thanks for being a follower of my blog. I really enjoy your blog too!

A Well Styled Life said...

Thank you for pointing me to Bois de Jasmin.

Fragrance is a bit of an obsession for me so Victoria will become my favorite perfume blogger too!

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