Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New, Now, Next -- In Paris

In Paris, even goat cheese has a whimsical touch. 
Ed. Note: From my darling Marsi. I think you'll feel as if she has picked you up, gently transported you to your lush leather seat on a private plane and then, quickly, before disappearing like a Cinderella fairy, she whispers in the pilot's ear:  "Take them to Paris." 

             If there's one thing I particularly love about Paris, it's the incredible range of eye candy that you can peep at absolutely for free. One-of-a-kind boutiques are filled with novel, interesting goods that, if they don't tickle your fancy, will at least command your attention.

Stateside, it's the blah sameness, pre-fab homogeneousness, and corporate dullness of merchandise that often gets me down. Like you, I'll take one-in-a-million over one-of-a-million any day of la semaine.

So, nearly the next best thing to travel, for me, is visiting interesting French websites for the latest and greatest. And because you know I can't keep a style secret from you, here are two favorites that keep me tuned in and turned on (if not dropped out).

Click for Vogue Paris. Bookmark it!

Here's the latest ...

24K gold "temporary skin jewelry" from Dior.
€120 gets you nine "bijoux" (oh la la, c'est très cher),
available in November. 

Now this puts the charm in charming.
Chloé fills a delicate silver locket with
a solid version of its rosy parfum, Chloé.
How sweet is that? 

Repetto is coming out with a line of 
dreamy, floaty, dancewear-inspired clothing.
The line drops in early December.  
This triggers my Want Monster.
L'Artisan Parfumeur, in collaboration with glovemaker Maison Causse,
goes back to the perfume industry's roots 

with fragrance-infused leather gloves.
Unfortunately, with only 100 pairs available at €320 per, 

I don't see these on my horizon.
Guess I'll have to fake it by spraying the lining of 

my own gloves with Chanel Coco. 

If Vogue Paris is focused on the chic and elegant, Colette is the go-to place for what's new on the street.

Click for Colette. Bookmark it!

And here's what's new at Colette ...
Vans x Kenzo.
Grape-printed sneakers just in time for la vendage.
In black ...

... or white. 

Or perhaps tartan kicks are more your style.
Pro-Keds x Woolrich.

Slipcases for your iPad and MacBook, 
courtesy of Woouf x colette.

Inlaid turquoise rings for your fingers and ears,
Repossi x colette

Fashion Faces Tees by Maison Seine.
Submitted without comment ...

Anna Wintour ...

... Anna Piaggi ... 

... Marc Jacobs.

To each her (or his) own.

Tell me, are there any French fashion websites that keep you in the know? Please share.


NotesFromAbroad said...

I will take the Anna Piaggi tee, a few of the turquoise rings, the tartan plaid kicks and the locket with scent. That should do me ~
I have a friend who sends me French websites weekly and I cannot remember the names. I will look and check back with you :)
besos, C

NotesFromAbroad said...

This is a good website for Fashion

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Fun post....the skin jewelry is seriously cool!

helen tilston said...

Hello Tish and Marsi

Your line
I'll take one-in-a-million over one-of-a-million any day

says it all...

quality - not quantity

Helen xx

LPC said...

Colette! I've been fascinated by that place since forever, and never been in. Perhaps the website will be enough. Thank you:).

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh dear I might be late for work now
and I haven't even finished reading French Vogue!
Something to come home to and read with my afternoon tea!
Merci Marsi!

knitpurl said...

Merci Marsi, your post for dear Tish is beyond awesome. I want the AW tee. Thank you for the website suggestions and thanks to NFA above for a web thought.

Living the "quality over quantity" life cuts down on the junk one has to cull from one's home/apartment.

xoxoxo, C.

CWoodyard said...

Love the painted bracelet! Cynthia

playingwithscarves said...

Love all the sites and addresses you selected. L'Artisan Parfumeur is a gem: one of my favorite places ever in Paris - with the Hermès boutique (Ooh la la.... also very very expensive....)
All the best,
Anne (Playing With Scarves)

That's Not My Age said...

I'd quite like an Eiffel Tower-shaped goat's cheese - do they do mail order?

Manni King said...

Hello, this is a good article.

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