Sunday, November 11, 2012

A French Country Weekend

Autumn in the  Rambouillet forest near our house.
         It's another one of those days that confirms my preference for autumn. There are as many red and golden leaves on the ground now as there are on the trees -- that's a little sad. I prefer when the leaves stay where they belong, but the weather is too beautiful to complain about the details.

         Temperatures are crisply cool, the sky azure with huge puffy clouds, the sun bright and sparkly and the air smells crackly fresh. Charlotte is sitting on the front porch watching her world with evident delight. I promised her a walk later. If she thinks I've forgotten, she'll bring me her leash.

          Without transition, let's talk about next week. As always, lots of surprises. You will be treated to a wardrobe masterpiece by Janice of the brilliant Vivienne Files, an essay from the divine Pamela Terry from the gorgeous and inspiring From The House of Edward blog, something special (I hope) from my darling Marsi who is remarkably talented and should re-think getting back into the blogging world . . . and more. . .  Three dots means "more, but I don't know what more means at this very moment."

A demain my cherest amis.


Une Femme said...

Your forest must be so beautiful!! Looking forward to next week's posts! Yesterday was the first day that *really* felt like fall here. Cool, crisp, a bit windy.

Barbara Lilian said...

Looks just like where I went for my Sunday morning walk, almost on my doorstep in rural France, Look forward to reading your next new post. Enjoy what's left if your weekend. Best wishes Barbara Lilian

Glamour Drops said...

The forest looks quite enchantingly restful. I agree, autumn is a beautiful season. But I also adore spring. Both for the same reason: the anticipation of change. Somehow, summer seems like a set state, as does winter, but spring and autumn always feel like the fleeting states: something short lived which must be admired for it's transitory beauty.

BigLittleWolf said...

Your country scene does indeed look tranquil. There is a certain melancholy this time of year, but short-lived. The leaves are beautiful, and the holidays come so quickly. Quicker every year, cela va sans dire.

Looking forward to next week's lineup!

Carol said...

The forest looks beautiful Tish, so serene in its autumn finery.

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