Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New, Now, Next -- In Paris

In Paris, even goat cheese has a whimsical touch. 
Ed. Note: From my darling Marsi. I think you'll feel as if she has picked you up, gently transported you to your lush leather seat on a private plane and then, quickly, before disappearing like a Cinderella fairy, she whispers in the pilot's ear:  "Take them to Paris." 

             If there's one thing I particularly love about Paris, it's the incredible range of eye candy that you can peep at absolutely for free. One-of-a-kind boutiques are filled with novel, interesting goods that, if they don't tickle your fancy, will at least command your attention.

Stateside, it's the blah sameness, pre-fab homogeneousness, and corporate dullness of merchandise that often gets me down. Like you, I'll take one-in-a-million over one-of-a-million any day of la semaine.

So, nearly the next best thing to travel, for me, is visiting interesting French websites for the latest and greatest. And because you know I can't keep a style secret from you, here are two favorites that keep me tuned in and turned on (if not dropped out).

Click for Vogue Paris. Bookmark it!

Here's the latest ...

24K gold "temporary skin jewelry" from Dior.
€120 gets you nine "bijoux" (oh la la, c'est très cher),
available in November. 

Now this puts the charm in charming.
Chloé fills a delicate silver locket with
a solid version of its rosy parfum, Chloé.
How sweet is that? 

Repetto is coming out with a line of 
dreamy, floaty, dancewear-inspired clothing.
The line drops in early December.  
This triggers my Want Monster.
L'Artisan Parfumeur, in collaboration with glovemaker Maison Causse,
goes back to the perfume industry's roots 

with fragrance-infused leather gloves.
Unfortunately, with only 100 pairs available at €320 per, 

I don't see these on my horizon.
Guess I'll have to fake it by spraying the lining of 

my own gloves with Chanel Coco. 

If Vogue Paris is focused on the chic and elegant, Colette is the go-to place for what's new on the street.

Click for Colette. Bookmark it!

And here's what's new at Colette ...
Vans x Kenzo.
Grape-printed sneakers just in time for la vendage.
In black ...

... or white. 

Or perhaps tartan kicks are more your style.
Pro-Keds x Woolrich.

Slipcases for your iPad and MacBook, 
courtesy of Woouf x colette.

Inlaid turquoise rings for your fingers and ears,
Repossi x colette

Fashion Faces Tees by Maison Seine.
Submitted without comment ...

Anna Wintour ...

... Anna Piaggi ... 

... Marc Jacobs.

To each her (or his) own.

Tell me, are there any French fashion websites that keep you in the know? Please share.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sleeveless & Seasonless: Teal

Teal dress – Prabal Gurung
The beyond brilliant, Janice of The Vivienne Files, continues to prove that the concept of "intelligent dressing" is a real possibility. Isn't teal a gorgeous, unexpected color?

Remember one of the greatest compliments one French friend can give to another is: "I love you in that dress."
Teal dress – Prabal Gurung, navy turtleneck – N. Peal, scarf – Dorothy Perkins, navy boots – Eli + Tee, square scarf – Hermès, cardigan – AllSaints, tights – Debenhams, ankle boots – H&M

Teal dress – Prabal Gurung, necklace – John Lewis, blazer – Nick & Mo, pumps – Andrey Brooke, scarf – Liberty, denim jacket – Comptoir des Cottoniers, flats - Gucci

Teal dress – Prabal Gurung, cardigan – Diane Von Furstenberg, bracelet – BijouxBar, nude pumps – Jimmy Choo, hat – French Trotters, ring – Liz Palacios, mesh embroderied boots – Nicholas Kirkwood

Teal dress – Prabal Gurung, bracelet – Bottega Veneta, sandals – Tory Burch, sunglasses – Coach, stud earrings – Andrea Fohrman, espadrilles - Debenhams

Teal dressPrabal Gurung, clutch – Kotur, jacket – Dolce & Gabbana, pumps – Stuart Weitzman, scarf – Etro, cardigan – Patagonia, flats – Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Teal dress – Prabal Gurung, jacket – Rag & Bone, oxfords – Dieppa Restrepo, beaded cardigan – Theyskens, earrings – Yossi Harara, pumps – Oscar de la Renta

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A French Country Weekend

If one has a doubt about one's "crop" all French pharmacies will tell anyone what is poisonous and what is deliciously edible. Our pharmacist even offers recipes to her clients.
Everyone I know is complaining.

"It's an invasion," they're saying. "It's outrageous," they continue. "There should be a law," one whined. "It's not even fun anymore," another lamented.

They're complaining about the thousands of "invaders" who have parked their cars along the sides of the roads leading into the Rambouillet forrest.

Les Cepes.
It's champignons picking season and, it's true, never in all the years we have lived surrounded by the forrest have I seen so many cars. One friend claims people are coming from other countries to collect them this year. Because of all the rain over the last few months, it's not a question of hunting down the various delicious species, it's more a problem of not tripping over or stepping on them. The forrest floor is covered with them.

Like the dead wood that falls onto the ground, mushrooms are there for everyone to gather, and gather they do, by the kilos. I've heard the boasting in shops, "I have more than 50 kilos!" one man proudly proclaimed. A friend of mine said she was planning an all mushroom dinner for friends. Another friend, who in one hour scouting with her husband collected more than 20 kilos, said she dreaded the next step in the process.

"It takes me longer to clean them than it does to pick them -- it takes hours," she said.

Les Morilles.
Lucky me, I have friends who give us a basket or two every year. We usually keep everything simple, an omelette or as an accompaniment to just about anything when sauteed in a little olive oil and a tiny noisette of butter, salt, pepper and parsley. No garlic, no shallots like some of my friends.

Weather Report: An idyllic autumn day --  bright sun, bracing temperatures -- perfect champignon picking kind of day.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Transatlantic Exchange Programs: Part 3

Navy silk dress by Bellerose -- pretty on the hanger, gorgeous on the body (Andrea's body).

Welcome to the third and final installment of the series "What My Daughter Bought In France."

Today we shall examine wardrobe and accessories. The first week was devoted to the home and kitchen, the second beauty and maintenance thus leaving us with the logical third category of clothes and their compliments.

Bordeaux suede ballerines. Since wine, or oxblood as some are calling the color --those of us in France like wine better -- is the color of the moment ballerinas are a snappy, stylish way to participate in the season's hot trend.
Because one of my favorite pass times is outfitting Andrea, many of the items she neatly packed in her suitcase were gifts from me. They included two white cotton blouses: one long-sleeved, collar-less with a single large pleat down the front, the other V-neck with blouse-y sleeves. Unfortunately we have no photos.

The leather tote which, of course doubles as a "purse" but can accommodate lunch, gym clothes and work papers.
The famous "folds-up into almost nothing" Longchamp tote.

She also added a navy silk dress with large ecru dots and a pair of Bordeaux suede ballerinas to her bag and a bright orange leather tote. She replaced her beige Longchamp foldable tote, which literally disintegrated after years of loyal service, with a new one in "graphite" supposedly a color exclusive to France.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sleeveless & Seasonless: Grey

Grey cotton dress - Thakoon
Janice the genius, that's what I've come to call her. We had our little conversation about dressing for all seasons, as in taking a central piece -- today the Thakoon little grey dress, sleeveless at that (!) -- and proving seasons don't exist, rules are made to be broken. If you want more of Janice (who wouldn't?) click here please:      The Vivienne Files.

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, grey turtleneck – Vanessa Bruno, grey scarf, boots – Santoni, square scarf – Hermès, cardigan – Malene Birger, leggings – Romwe, ankle boots - Topshop

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, necklace – Swarovski, blazer – Rag & Bone, pumps – Jimmy Choo, sweatshirt/denim jacket – Jet by John Eshaya, brooch – Georg Jensen, silver flats – Gianvito Rossi

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, pink cardigan – Ralph Lauren, bracelet – Swarovski, slingbacks – Isaac Mizrahi, hat – John Lewis, ring – Lagos, pumps – Mint Velvet

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, bracelets – Target, sandals – Del Rio, sunglasses – Ray Ban, stud earrings – Judith Jack, espadrilles - Target

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, clutch – Buba London, blazer – 3.1 Phillip Lim, pumps – Gucci, cardigan – Zadig & Voltaire, scarf – Burberry, suede flats – Salvatore Ferragamo

Grey cotton dress – Thakoon, blazer – Chloe, flats – Lanvin, cardigan – Paul by Paul Smith, earrings – Georg Jensen, sandals – Pelle Moda

Monday, October 22, 2012

Too Beautiful for You

Petals Gone Wild
Ed. Note: My darling Marsi is teasing us today. Look at all these delectable delicacies, delicious in every sense of the word. . . but chances are we're in the wrong geographic marketplace.  For the moment she offers us eye candy. Perhaps fulfillment is merely a question of time -- and patience.

Leave it to French macaron god Ladurée ... 

... to make something as unabashedly womanly and feminine as cosmetics and push it, all boomps-a-daisy, straight over the top and deep into Marie-Antoinette territory.

Yes, please!

Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée (The Wonders of Ladurée) is Ladurée's new cosmetics line, in collaboration with Japanese cosmetics company Albion. 

... with "Japanese" being the operative word here, because unfortunately, unless you live in the Land of the Rising Sun, you're not likely to get your hands on these beauties for a while. The line is exclusive to Japan ... for now. 

Ladurée's outpost at Takashimaya.
Straight out of a fairy tale.

And that, mes amies, is a shame, because will you just look at these pieces? Can't you just picture a collection of these gorgeous little keepsakes embellishing your vanity? 

Sugar bowl case for the Rose Face Color Ladurée. 
Petals sold separately.
3150¥ = $39.71.
I'd love to have this case ... to keep my secrets in. ;o)

This is the refill you purchase separately,
then delicately place the petals of blush into the sugar bowl.
¥ = $92.65. 
(Good grief, can than be right?!)

Beautiful Cream Cheek Color in a delightful egg cup case.
4410¥ = $55.50.

Powder blush in a cameo case. Exquisite.
Case and blush refill sold separately, naturally.
Case, 1575
¥ = $19.85 (ok, not bad.)
Refill, 3900
¥ = $49.16 (ouch!)

Lipstick, available in seven shades. 
Look at the beautiful bijou at the end. It's all in the details ....
4410¥ = $55.59

Holiday collection 2012
Limited editions abound ...

Like this ...

... and this.

A darling bag for your treats.

Rose-scented soap for your bath. 

Rose and Violet lip balms.
The ne plus ultra in chapstick.

Truly, these are treasures fit for a queen. What's your favorite?

That wasn't enough Ladurée for you? Here's more -- and unlike the makeup, the peeks are for free.

If that isn't pretty, then I don't know what is.

Wait. One more last nibble for you.

Bon appetit!

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