Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Friends & International Trade

The book I shall start reading today, a gift from my dear, dear friend, Judy     
         One of my very, very, very best friends ever is in Paris for a few days. Yesterday we had our usual five hour catch-up lunch with wine and our informal exchange of gifts.

          Before she left the States she asked for any special requests I might have. After my wishes are fulfilled, she throws surprises into my cadeau sac -- anything and everything she thinks might make me happy. (She's extremely good at that.)

          On my side, I collect a few things I think will be fun for her.

          I've told you about Judy before. She is, unquestionably, the smartest, funniest person I know (she's also chic) and we have plans for our future . . . More on that at another time.

         We couldn't meet at our usual rendez-vous point, Laduree on the Champs Elysees, because Sunday lunch was overbooked so we went off to my wonderful friend, Sharon Santoni's (My French Country Home) and my favorite spot, the restaurant in the Hotel de Vigny, mainly because we can sit there for the entire day and no one tries to show us the door.

OK, not glamorous, but definitely efficacious.
         At my behest, Judy brought me several tubes of Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening toothpaste. She kept asking me if I was sure that was all I needed, assuring me she had a large suitcase waiting to be filled on her side, to be emptied and re-filled on my side. I told her that was all I needed.
Judy likes to keep me au courant on the latest and the greatest.
       That's when she threw in the surprises, a bag full of DVDs (she told me a box will be arriving in the mail with more) and the New York Times bestseller, Rules of Civility which she promises me will become one of my favorite books ever. I trust her.

       On my side, I gave her a beauty pack:

Clarins Baume Beauté Eclair
Vichy 3 in 1 cleanser

Eucerin (of course).

      Clarins lip gloss that also gives a little plump without the bite. (You know, that ingredient that burns the lips found in so many of those products.)
          Before I headed out to meet her I tossed in my favorite herbal tea, Nuit Calm with Miel (honey).

         And, finally, a small, hardback notebook I found months ago that made me think of her.

Voltaire (1674-1778).
          When Judy's beloved husband died after a long and terrible illness she was in the depths of sorrow. One day when she awoke she decided she had her life in front of her and she would be happy -- she decided to be happy. Since I never forgot her telling me this, when I saw the notebook with the Voltaire quote: "J'ai décidé d'être heureux parce que c'est bon pour la santé," I knew it belonged to Judy.

          Then, Judy gave me the kindest, most generous, most thoughtful gift anyone has ever offered me.  She told me, "If you ever need me, I'll be on the next plane." We both got rather teary at that moment.


Déjà Pseu said...

Aren't friends the best gift of all? Still, Tish, you reign supreme when it comes to putting together a goodie bag. I'm still using and loving that Vichy cleanser.

I agree with Judy that happiness is a decision, and one that we make every day.

Ann Knickerbocker said...

Thank you!! for the Voltaire quote... I will be using it in a painting... a much needed reminder. Merci!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

True friends are the greatest gift. It sounds like you both have much in common and when she said if you ever need me I'll be on the next plane. Well pass the Kleenex....
Lingering over a long lunch in a fabulous venue sounds like a sublime way to pass an afternoon.
Hope you can take some time to get into that novel I read to in two days and really enjoyed it.

knitpurl said...

A special time for both you and Judy (hi and hugs from me to Judy)and isn't everything you wrote today what good best friends are all about? xoxo, Carole

Duchesse said...

Her words are the most moving of gifts; you have a precious friend. Exchanging goodies is a lovely way to stay connected because you'll think of one another each time. Read "Rules of Civility" but did not find it as significant as she did; many like it.

webb said...

Everyone needs a friend like that ... and to be a friend like that. I look forward to the time when my friend and I shall be little old ladies together.

Villette said...

I am planning a trip to Paris in April with my oldest and dearest friend (and another newer, but equally dear friend). We all have our birthdays in the same three days, so we shall meet in Paris to celebrate together. I must find some Parisian birthday gifts for them, Tish, and now you have given me some splendid ideas. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely moment to spend with a dear friend!
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That's Not My Age said...

It is so lovely catching up with old friends. Your post reminds me I should make an effort to see mine more often.

PS is that Eucerin filler/cream good? I've never seen it in the UK.

ida said...

TNMA,you can buy it at some of the larger Boots in the UK,maybe other chemists also.Ida

Maryl said...

How wonderful. It must feel like Christmas all over again when Judy comes to visit. Both goody bags are divine. I'm already with you on the toothpaste and I like you Tish have to catch up on the whole Downton Abbey series and I'm intrigued by "Rules of Civility". Everything that went into Judy's bag will go on my shopping list. They all sound so promising. Thanks for the tips.

vicki archer said...

That is the best gift of all Tish... and how wonderful friendship is... especially our long standing ones with our best girlfriends...
It sounds like you tow had a fabulous lunch... enjoy your goodies... xv

Anonymous said...

I have three good friends from around the country and we try to get together at least annually. When we do, we bring gifts for each other. We each buy four of the same item to share with the other three. It's always fun to see what we've chosen and think of each other every time the gift is used. (unless it's been a treat to eat!)
Love hearing about your friends.

Lorrie said...

I (and my face) love the Vichy 3 in 1 cleanser. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Tish.

Les cadeaux (in either direction) sont superbes!

helen tilston said...

Hello Tish

Judy and your friendship is very special and does not happen often. How marvelous you are there for each other. Your loving gifts are further evidence of the joy you share.

A delightful post. Thanks for sharing


SE said...

Wonderful friends are such a joy- thank you for sharing this and reminding me to be thankful for mine. My dearest friend left a surprise at my door today- our new face cream discovery in a large size! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Friends are definitely the best. My family is planning a Spring Break trip to Rome (because my younger daughter wanted to go somewhere European, and I've never been to Rome). We invited a couple who were friends of my husband & I since before we got married, 30 years ago, and their daughter, who is near my girls' age. Then my old friend since age 15, who was also my post-college roommate for 4 years, called to ask what we were doing for Spring Break this year. So she's going too! Even better is that she & our other friends all knew each other back in the day, when we all lived in Albuquerque.

We have rented an apartment in central Rome, and plan to do lots of sightseeing, people watching, eating, wine drinking, and don't forget the gelato! A trip with my husband and daughters: excellent. A trip with them AND some of my closest friends: priceless.

P.S. any recommendations re Rome must-see places are most welcome.

---Jill Ann

Karen said...

That book looks fantastic and so does your friendship. But I have to tease you about one thing. When I first read the name of your blog, implying you were an older woman, I thought you were going to be a woman over the age of 70 - not under 50! You're still a pup!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Rules of Civility, in fact it was the best read of 2012 for me! Hope you find it enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Read Rules of Civility and loved it. Can't wait for it to become a movie.

Anonymous said...

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Splenderosa said...

OMG, what a wonderful post, Tish. I swear by Arm & Hammer toothpaste, cannot live without it. Isn't that funny? And Clarins. OK, now I've got to get that book "Rules of Civility" since everyone of your readers have said how great it is as well. Love you babe!

Anonymous said...

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