Sunday, June 29, 2014

C'est Dimanche!

A charlotte aux fruits rouges. It tastes even better than it looks.  You see the size of the about to be served piece?  Mine was half of that. Learning those hard, hard lessons about portion control. . .
         Sunday lunch in France is the traditional moment in the week when families and friends come together to have a delicious meal.

        Maybe it's because Sunday seems leisurely here, we enjoy taking the time to prepare and linger over a lovely meal. Few stores are open, except in the mornings, which eliminates one American pastime for Sunday afternoons. The markets are,  especially this time of year, brimming with perfect fruits and vegetables and searching out just the right ingredients for lunch adds to the pleasure.

Assuming one's push lawn mower is well-oiled, it could be used on a Sunday in France.
         Out in the country where we live, we are not allowed to cut our grass on Sundays because of the noise. We may, if we so desire, quietly pull up weeds and trim bushes. All motorized lawn accessories must be stowed until Monday. The idea is that if one would like to have lunch or dinner in the garden, calm reigns.

          Now, back to me at my spa rehab facility. Dimanche is Dimanche no matter where one happens to be, which brings me to my Sunday lunch.  As I mentioned last week, breakfast includes a croissant.

          Today's lunch was:

           Small lettuce salad with vinaigrette

           A slice of roast beef.

           Three small (very small) boiled potatoes -- no butter.

            A large serving of steamed haricots verts, those slender, divine green beans I could eat forever. They were sprinkled with parsley, but no better.

            A normal serving of Brie.

            A petit pain which I never eat because I rarely, if ever, eat bread after breakfast.

            AND (!) Charlotte aux fruits rouges for dessert. I measured the piece, 4 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches at its thickest part, then it descended into an unmeasurably small point.

          Coffee, tea or herbal tea is served about 20 minutes after lunch, because, as you know, tea and coffee are another course.

          Since I am on a regime while here, all my desserts during the week are either fruit or yogurt or both. After the zillions of blood tests I've had here and at the clinic in Paris, plus being weighed by one of those scales that provides all sorts of information you never really wanted to know, I need to build up my muscle mass. Therefore the dietician has me on a high protein diet which does not mean all protein. She gives me lots of vegetables as well as smallish servings of legumes.

         She and I have an appointment tomorrow to see how things are working out. I'll let you know and, if you wish, I'll tell you more about her regime.


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Lovely to chat the other day, and I'm glad that 'life at the spa' continues to go well!

Can't believe you measured the slice of charlotte!!



Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Sounds like you are progressing well, Tish. I wish we had a Sunday rule in city here of no lawn mowers...sometimes they just destroy the peace early while people try to mow at the coolest part of the day. The French country seems so peaceful and refreshing.

Gam said...

Glad your are progressing, nicely! Thank you for shRing your spa experience. Looking forward to hearing about your appointment.

I wish America could be as civil as France.

Karena Albert said...

Tish I amazed, and believe me taking notes! Really loving this menu and the selections, especially dessert :)

The Arts by Karena

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I am really enjoying this series on your meals in rehab. Best of luck with your checkup tomorrow and I hope the results find you in top notch condition.

Lorrie said...

This is all so, so fascinating. I remember the days (long ago) when malls and stores were not open on Sunday. That was a day reserved for family.
I hope the meeting with the nutritionist goes well tomorrow and that your knee is progressing well.



Eleanorjane said...

Yummo! That all sounds really good, and I bet the ingredients are fresh. It makes all the difference if you're having something simple like a lettuce salad.

It's nice that they pace things out with courses including a taste of dessert and a hot drink later to fill up any corners. Are you satisfied on this regime or yearning for more?

webb said...

Wonderful ideas and reminders in this series of posts. (We are benefitting from your surgery - seems a bit unfair!) Have alwaysthought the French 'regime' was somuch healthier than the English 'diet'. For me it's the difference between setting forth on a positive plan, and ... denial. Hope it yields good results for you.

Rose said...

Please keep the rehab experience coming. How fascinating to hear about the Sunday noise rules, we could do with that here in Australia.

fixitfaerie said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Your meal looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This series is so interesting. Please continue. Many of us can use this information to drop some kilos down and keep them.

Lynne in NC said...

Yes, please tell us more about the regime. I am so intrigued by the food choices and the photos are so lovely. I am taking notes, too.
Glad you are on the mend after surgery. Hugs xoxoxo

Jeanne Henriques said...

Tish..I have just hopped in and found my way back to the beginning. Firstly…I am sorry to hear about your knee and dealing with the pain for as long as you did. I had something similar and was surprised how easy it was me to accept it as part of my day to day way of life. The pounds crept on as I found comfort with my raised leg when I needed to take a break. I did manage to get it sorted and it eneded up being easier than I thought. Your rehab sounds like the right place to be and I am glad you are posting as you go. I have some back reading to do and will read with eagerness as I am still fretting over those extra pounds. That is a story in itself..which means I need an espresso break just contemplating it.. I wish you well..and I am now tuning into your progress report. Keep them coming! Jeanne xx

peggybraswell said...

so enjoying your trip through rehab + writing all the recipes.

une femme said...

The food looks lovely. I didn't know that rule about no power tools on Sunday. I'd vote yes for that one here too.

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