Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Les Entrées: Part II, The Rehab Series

You start from the root.
          Every lunch and dinner is preceded by a mini entrée, the other day I measured the bowl in which they are always served to give us an idea of portion control:  four inches across, one-and-a-half-inches deep.

          As you probably already assumed, the bowls are not filled to the top.

          Some of the appetizers are one-minute easy and I'll tell you about them in the next few days, but I thought I would share one of my absolute favorites with you, celeri remoulade.  This one takes some work in the kitchen, but it is so worth the effort and if you don't use the remoulade sauce on all the celery root you can save the salad in the refrigerator for two or three days.

          I don't remember seeing celery rave or celeriac in grocery stores in the States, but then again I never thought to look for it. I'm assuming it's available. If you've never tried it, please do. It is delicious.
You want the celeriac to be crunchy and not too fine.
        For the celery remoulade you must remove the protective skin until you get down to the edible part of the root. Then with a large, sharp knife, cut it into large, longish chunks. Next pass the chunks through a food grinder or processor, you can do it by hand. You are aiming for pieces of celeriac that are about the length and thickness of wooden matchsticks. The celery should be crispy hard. If shredded to thin, it becomes soggy and disappointing.

       Now for the sauce: You can do the real deal, which is heavenly or you can cut calories by whipping up a low-cal ersatz version.

The celeri rave dressed with its remoulade and ready to eat.
       For the Purists Among Us:

For six to eight servings, depending upon how generous you are. . .*

One large celeriac (one kilo or 2.2 lbs.)

One cup mayonnaise (all the better if you make your own, but not necessary)
2 1/2 Tbs. Dijon mustard
One tsp. sea salt (or more to taste)
2 Tbs. freshly squeezed lemon juice
Freshly ground pepper to taste

Whip all the ingredients with a whisk and completely cover the celery with the remoulade. You want every last morsel of the celeri to be covered with the remoulade.

* I think my rehab bowl holds about three gently rounded tablespoons.

      For Those Who Want Fewer Calories:

Yogurt instead of mayonnaise if you must.
          Instead of one cup mayonnaise, substitute one cup of low fat (not no fat!) yogurt and add two tablespoons of mayonnaise. I suppose you could use mayo-lite, a product I have never seen here.

          All the other ingredients remain the same.

          I would suggest, if you've never experienced the real thing that you try it just so you know.


une femme said...

Oh, that sounds yummy!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

That looks appetizing...must look for celeriac at the market next time I go....

peggybraswell said...

hhmmm yummy looking + going to grocery shop today + will get celeriac. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Karena Albert said...

Oh how delish it looks!!

The Arts by Karena

Anonymous said...

Please,keep,your rehab columns going! Facing my TKR next month.

fixitfaerie said...

This is good. A french restaurant we used to go to in Santa Barbara, served a small appetizer with a tablespoon of this, a small square of onion tarte, and a slice of tomato.
I read recently that after 40 years, they had gone out of business. They are missed.

Anonymous said...

My mother served this back in the '60's and I loved it, but had forgotten all about it until your post, thank you. I echo another post, please keep these posts about your rehab coming. And, wishing you a speedy and uneventful, full recovery.

Sisty said...

These recipes are so inspiring -- thank you!

Eleanorjane said...

An interesting new take on coleslaw. I've never tried celeriac and they're so big! What if I bought one, didn't like it and had to throw the rest away?

Madame Là-bas said...

Céleri remoulade is my favourite French vegetable dish. I am too lazy to make it at home as I don't have a food processor and Monsieur wouldn't eat it anyway.

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