Thursday, June 26, 2014

Les Entrées, Part IV, The Rehab Series

Carottes rapées, the quintessential French salad entrée.
          Perhaps the most common all-year-'round French entrée is carottes rapées. No matter the season, one can always find a decent carrot. I think My-Reason-For-Living-In-France could eat carottes rapées every day.

          Since I've been in rehab, I've had them three times.

          They're the easy, who doesn't like carrots (?) family solution for a quick appetizer. Many classic French restaurants offer them on the menu, but I wouldn't dream of ordering them. I want something more "exotic" when I'm not in charge of the preparation.

Remember, finely grated.
          All we're talking about here is grated carrots. The trick for success is simple: The carrots must be very finely grated and the dressing should be added at the last minute so the carrots remain crisp.

         Perhaps more creative and adventurous cooks have more complex sauces for their grated carrots; I do not.

         The entire process is embarrassingly effortless:

         Peel and grate, let's say seven or eight carrots.  You can judge the quantity you want by the size of the carrots and the quantity you see accruing as you grate, grate, grate. Set aside.

         For the sauce, combine:

Six Tbs. lemon juice (approximately two lemons)

1/2 cup + two Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

Four (I use less) tsps. sugar -- let's say "to taste"

Sea salt to taste

Freshly ground black pepper

Some friends of mine add a scant teaspoon of Dijon mustard which I think is an excellent idea.

About a half bunch of Italian parsley roughly chopped.

Whisk ingredients together and dress the grated carrots. The carrots should be covered in the vinaigrette, but not sodden -- if you see what I mean.

Et voila, it's that simple.      


Swan said...

"Excellente". I shall be serving
this when my son and his wife
visit us next week. I try and
give them things the French
lke to eat and give them
the whole French experience.
Thank you and continue
to mend those knees.

Anonymous said...

These columns continue to inspire....please keep your readers posted on your knee rehab process. Have mine in Sept and anxiety building.

Unknown said...

I've had that at a restaurant here in Boston...they always place a dish of it on your table with the bread. They put a little horseradish in it...delicious!

Karena Albert said...

Tish this looks and sounds like a flavorful, bright and crisp summer salad! Yum!

The Arts by Karena

une femme said...

Oh, le monsieur will love this one! I'm going to make it this weekend.

LPC said...

Yum! The lemon will make it, of course! And one could add a little freshly grated ginger, since that dang grater is already in need of a wash:).

Lorrie said...

I love grated carrots. Adding orange juice and a little honey also changes them up a little. Do you find them rather oversweet with the sugar? Carrots have so much natural sweetness.
These are great ideas! Hope the knees are doing well.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The carrots look so much more exciting grated!
I think I will make this recipe on the weekend as it looks very lean on the caloric scale and perfect for a summer salad. Just need to be careful I don't grate my nails with the sharp grater....I seem to be all thumbs using the grater....might just drag out the food processor for this job.
Hope your knees are getting better.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I could make a meal of these.
In fact, lunch is nigh, so I think I will.
Thanks, and xoxoxo

Jacqui said...

Mine are even simpler to prepare. I shred them with the food processor and then add really good quality olive oil, salt and garlic (through garlic press). Better if they sit for a good hour before serving. Even kids love them.

SE said...

I'm loving your entree series! (BTW, how did it come to pass that in the US, entree on a menu means main course? A mistake that became a tradition....?)I can't wait to make this- and carrots, parsley and lemon juice- what could be healthier?

Eleanorjane said...

Yum! I'm not a huge one for carrots but that sounds like a way I would happily scoff down a mound of carrot. There's something about grating that makes things tastier or more appealing, I think.

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